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2008 offer

  • Buy Tornado (ASP.Net) and get ASP-db (classic ASP) for free.
Email Order 
sales@aspdb.comquote & order
Phone Order 
214-364-5080Checks, PO and Wire Transfer
Fax Order 
484-210-0345Company P.O.


  • Please include your ID file with all upgrade / maintenance orders.
  • When ordering via Email, supply the same information as the printable order form.
  • We accept Phone, Email and Fax purchase orders and will furnish Invoice and Receipt in Email (Pdf file) or Fax format . Paper format of  Invoice and Receipt will incur a $15 handling fee.
  • Add $25 for oversea wire transfer.


Tornado-EP-1Tornado Enterprise Single Domains Single Server$999
Tornado-EP-2Tornado Enterprise Multiple Domains Single Server$1995
Tornado-EP-MTornado Enterprise Maintenance$450
Tornado-Gold-1Tornado Gold Single Domains Single Server$3,500
Tornado-Gold-2Tornado Gold Multiple Domains Single Server$7,000
Tornado-Gold-1MTornado Gold Single Domain Maintenance$1,000
Tornado-Gold-2MTornado Gold Multiple Domains Maintenance$2,000

*** Classic ASP-db is included with no charge with Tornado-Gold-2 purchase.
Classic ASP-db maintenance charge still applies.

Click here to see product features matrix


  • Full credit upgrade is a feature of the maintenance program.
  • You get 100% credit of what you actually paid for any ASP-db product for upgrade. This applies to ASP-db cross upgrade to Tornado.
  • Minimum upgrade difference is $500. That means if the upgraded product price difference is less than $500, then the upgrade fee will be $500.



  • Educational (elementary schools, colleges, etc) discount = 5%
  • Non-profit (funded mostly by donations) Organization (churches, senior centers, etc) – discount = 5%.
  • Site Licenses – Please request a quote.


  1. Tornado works on W2K, XP-Pro and all Windows.Net servers only.
  2. In order to receive product updates, the maintenance subscription must be purchased with the product and must be on a continuing basis. Even though the maintenance item is option, we strongly recommend user to subscribe in order to obtain the latest. Subscribing to the maintenance program also entitles you to a full credit version upgrade. Maintenance subscription does not include any application programming support. User can purchase Support Incidents for that purpose. refer to the support page for more details
  3. ISP should contact sales for a customized version designed for ISP operations. All products described on this page can only be run in an ISP environment if the customer owns a copy of the product.
  4. All Tornado products will not have any CPU restrictions.
  5. Single server means a single box disregard of the number of CPUs in the box.
  6. Single domain means the software will work on only ONE url domain address like supplied by the customer. ISP can install this options for their individual customers who owns the product under their own private \bin directory of their shared server. Ports will not work with single domain versions.
  7. Multiple Domains means there is no restriction of the number of domain names and associated ports using the DLL as long as they are on the same server. This option does not apply to ISP operations.