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Tornado is the DotNet version of ASP-db. The basic program format is the same as before except that it inherits the entire DotNet Framework. VS.Net is not required but remains a popular way to program DotNet with Tornado as a library. A new Designer (TED3) comes with Tornado and it is packed with the manual and numerous ready to go example in many advanced areas. If you have the DotNet Framework installed in your server, you basically need only one file (Tornado.dll) to get going.

So, the rest of the 4,500 files in the evaluation package are CSS, buttons, templates, Applets for Gold version and sample databases. In order to have a feel of how this All-In-One component works without any effort, you can go through the ‘Live’ Demonstration. If you are a DotNet guru, you’ll feel the power before you pass the first two commercial pages. If you are just starting out, you can go slow and read the explanation of the ‘Live’ examples, and then try to do the same job any other way.