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Rex works as a Systems Administrator for a small non-profit association in Sacramento. He started out as an AutoCad designer in 1990 and eventually caught up with the Internet technology and started to disseminate architectural information via the Web. He is totally obsessed with his work and his family.


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Rex Klein





Chapter 1 – Discovery and implementation
Chapter 2 – The Big risk
Chapter 3 – The Future

Chapter 1
Discovery and implementation

Not to be corny but using ASP-db has changed my life, I come to this conclusion because I have looked at other tools and know that none of them could have helped me as much as the gold edition, even if I tied the others together.

This story begins amidst the dotcom frenzy of 1999.

I was about 6 months into a new network administrative job for a small non-profit when they decided they would like to post some database information on a public website. I was not a website developer but I really did not think it was going to be that big of a deal. I was wrong. After receiving many quotes from website firms I realized we couldn’t afford it, plain and simple. But I was angry because I felt it was a minor project and should not be a huge problem. So I surfed for solutions on the net.

I found many… sort of, some components were not easy to use others were out of control expensive and none of them had a live person to ask questions of. Eventually I came across ASP-db.

All of a sudden here was a solution to all the problems I was facing. I could build the application myself save the firm money and look like a hero to my superiors. Indeed this is exactly what happened.

I had no knowledge of ASP at all and yet in less than 2 days I was producing a data enabled site that any ASP programmer would be proud of.

Over the next several months I realized I was an ASP-db Junkie and I had to move to enterprise of course it followed that the gold edition was next I just had to have it. I only use maybe 3% of its capabilities but I just couldn’t resist all those features.

By far the biggest plus of using ASP-db is how often you can use it to do complex tasks and not even display any thing. I use it for e-mailing, downloading, silentcommand, variable manipulation and many other things. Very often I will think of something I would like to do and before long I realize “ASP-db can do that”. Some people scoff at components CPU overhead yet I have never had a problem even on a page that has six instances of ASP-db running.

Over the next two years the site has always run well, never a glitch in ASP-db – not even one. You just set it and forget it. I actually feel like a developer only I know its just ASP-db giving me the tools to do what I need.

Chapter 2
I decide to risk it all

Special note, when I say, “risk it all” that is not an overstatement I truly did risk my job and serious legal action if I was to fail at the task described in this chapter.

My employer for the past 4 years had been paying ever increasing exorbitant cost to an online asp. The higher the monthly cost went the lower the service and support go. This ASP is based in Houston Texas and is one of only a handful of companies providing this service.

In a nutshell we scan construction documents and post them to the Internet for our members to download and bid construction work in Sacramento. Since we are a nonprofit association we provide this service at no cost to the members.

I was informed about the proposed change of platform and after I evaluated it, I found the new system to be a downgrade and not an upgrade. In the face of impending doom I came to the following conclusion. If I used ASP-db and a few others pieces of software I could replace this ASP’s product and bring the whole process in house. So I fired up the invaluable ASP-db DESIGNER program and made a few simple “Demo Pages” for my boss. To my surprise he leapt at the chance and gave me the go ahead there and then. At that point my job and my family stability depended on ASP-db performing, as I knew it could.

Note I did all development on my own time and was not compensated in any way. I went this route because of doubts about my own ability.

First I decided to get SQL Server! Stop! Way out of my price range. I feared using access because I was going to be writing many records on the website. So after searching and reading I settled on MYSQL. Mostly because of the information on the front page of ASP-db.COM. Then I upgraded our existing server and was ready to seriously develop this new site. MYSQL and ASP-db are a perfect match MYSQL is almost as stable as ASP-db. Connections are very simple, however you must use the right version of MYODBC or ASP will not write data (I found this out the hard way).

My site allows users to save data to their online account, email friends project information, order reprographics, track other users movements and download documents. The only components I had to use were Webqoutqa by flicks and ASP-db.

For several months I endlessly tweaked the site preparing for the big switch. I must say you can see a lot more of my forehead than when I started.

January 1st I shut down the ASP and opened the new site. I was a wreck; there was no way to beta test the site so I was ready for the worst.

January 25, 2002

The site has been running for almost a month now the members are happy and I have had very little complaints none were related to ASP-db. In fact the amazing thing so far is the stability of the system. Even though some of the database tables have 50,000 records. My fears were not realized, my boss and

I still have our jobs. The future looks good.

Chapter 3
The Future

I must admit that I purchased ASP-db myself and have paid the updates thus far. I did this because I did not think it was fair to charge my boss for my ignorance. Because of the success so far, other users of the same application are seriously considering to replicate the program I set up here in Sacramento. It was worth doing it all on my own, no I can’t really sell it but I will have job security for as long as ASP-db continues to perform. With the new .net version I hope to make a substantial upgrade to the system. I am hoping to turn this project into a business and the best investment I can make is ASP-db.

Finally I am working on a search engine for my site using XML. I realized that I could plug XML data into ASP-db to query MYSQL and come up with a search engine that really may take me places.


  1. Detail
    All ASP-db… highlights are that all the data displayed is exported ASP-db variables. ASP-db email form function. Save button is actualy two ASP-db calls one is a hidden update to the db and to display the save button the other is to display whether or not the user has saved this project already.
  2. Filter
    Gotta love templates and front page!
  3. Mydesk
    Personalized db lots of magic stuff in this puppy. intend to add graphing on this page soon!!!
  4. Print order
    My favorite, this page uses the file system object to display files ASP-db does everything else, it even sends the html order form to the print house for processing very popular, so simple it is scary.
  5. Projects bidding
    the master grid which would be beyond my reach with out ASP-db.

When I look at how much I use ASP-db in this site, … it’s amazing.


Thank you,

Rex Klein

P.S. The Staff and support have
always been excellent.