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ASP-db is a technology service company maintaining a faculty of experienced information technology professionals who deliver results through technology integration services. The Company is a provider of efficient database solutions for intranet and Internet applications.

With an extensive technology background involving a number of Fortune 100 telecommunications and manufacturing companies, USIntertech offers unrivaled and deliverable solutions. The company provides the right combination of products, services and industry expertise to insure success, now and into the future. With its unique relationships with big software vendors, including Microsoft, USIntertech applies its successful service model to deliver tools and solutions that work.

USIntertech’s innovative database publishing technology and experience creates a service model that utilizes database components and systems to provide flexible and effective solutions. Its innovative solutions meet the complex technology requirements of private, enterprise intranets and public Internet circulation.

The company’s flagship product, ASP-db™ Classic, began development in 1990 with finished product delivery beginning in early 1998. It has established a reputation among developers and end users for speed, reliability and ease of use. Its scalable architecture is now in use in corporations worldwide.

USIntertech provides the most efficient, cost effective approach for retrieving intra-company information from corporate databases and delivering it to the Web browser interactively.


Today, most corporations do not have an effective Intranet. Activities usually have go through the IT department. Information is not on a real-time basis and each initiative must be estimated, programmed, prototyped and placed in operation. Our goal is to eliminate these obstacles and deliver information directly from the source. The following quote from a customer reflects the effectiveness of our product -> “We have downloaded and evaluated your product for 5 days and looks like your product can help our situation. Our IT department has gone from a count of 12 to 2, and we are supposed to do the same job servicing the entire corporation. We have a few questions……”


Our 1,200 customers represent many diverse organizations of all types and sizes – Fortune 500, small companies, hospitals, schools, government and military. Companies that use Microsoft Office; organizations with large Oracle databases are the two prime target segments.


ASP-db™ Classic is an award winning Web database application generator. It consists of many components covering a broad area of business applications. Normally, a prototype can be developed in less than an hour.


Our professional service is unique; it is different from the conventional model of selling “heads”. We train your staff to use ASP-db to perform miracle tasks in your company. We typically spend no more than one week assisting after completion of training.