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dbAddTemplate Replace internal system 'Add' mode template.
dbAggregate Perform Column and Row Aggregate on a grid.
dbAggregateExportTemplate The complementary property of dbAggregate defining the export format of Cols and Rows.
dbAjax Turns on Ajax for the code emitted by this module.
dbAllCase converts all the data values to Uppercase, Lowercase or Cap 1st character. LookUp values are not converted.
dbArc Set up archive files in virtual directories for display. Instead of a library call, this is a stand alone mini-application by itself. The procedure is to setup virtual directories in the Intranet. Upload all the archive files and place a simple execution file in the lead directory, the one which the execution file (.aspx) will be executed from. Optionally, the config file can be in a separate text file such that the execution .aspx file does not have to be changed. No databse is required and the entire project can be ported to another server w/o adjustments (use curdir) by just copying.
dbAreaChart Define Area chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbBarChart Define Bar chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbbImageDir dbSkin navigation Non-Css buttons image virtual directory.
dbBlankText Customized text to displayed when cell value is blank.
dbBLOB Display BLOB fields in an inline or HREF linked manner.
dbBookMark Specify a Bookmark to identify a unique record for display and edit.
dbBoolText Customize the True/False display and dropdown text.
dbBubbleChart (buch) Define Bubble chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbButtonsOnOff Show/Hide various action buttons in Filter and Edit screens.
dbCalendar Advanced popup calendar to assist date inputs.
dbChartParams Specify additional chart properties and override the default ones.
dbColGraph Display a column of numeric values as a horizontal bar chart in both grid and form mode with automatic data notmalizing option.
dbColSortSQL User specified SQL for grid column sort.
dbColumnChart Define Column chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbCommonFile A text file that can be accessed by any property that requires an external source.
dbCommonTables Define application wide lookup tables from a variaty of data sources.
dbCountSQL User supplier SQL query to obtain the record count as the only return.
dbCSVDelimiter User defined delimiter for the csv file.
dbCSVName User defined Csv download filename.
dbCulture Specify the Culture info such that the culture related info will be displayed correctly.
dbDateLineChart Define DateLine chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbDBType This is an old syntax and is for backward compatibility. Use dbType.
dbDebug Debugging aid for ASP-db.Net to display various 'Actions'.
dbDisplay Specify emit code has no HTML, HEAD, AJAX tags. This code is suitable for Wwb Page embed.
dbDownloadFlds Define the fields to be included in the download.
dbDownloadHideFlds Define the fields to hide during download.
dbDownloadMagicCell Apply MagicCell to Download.
dbDownloadParams Define various options for the download - Magic, Lookup, Excel.
dbDSN Setup Datasource connection.
dbDualTemplate Replace internal system 'Dual' mode template.
dbDynalist Dynamic List is an implementation of advanced drill down queries.
dbEditAddFlds Define Edit Add fields and the options of each field.
dbEditAddHideFlds Define Edit Update hide fields.
dbEditAddSQL Define user specified Add SQL.
dbEditAllowZeroLength Set blank values to '' or null in Edit SQL.
dbEditcols Set number of display columns in edit mode.
dbEditDateFormat Format displayed in the edit box as a guide for user preferred date entry format. This format must be of the local culture of the server or th eculture defined by dbCulture.
dbEditGridAdd Full screen Edit Add On/Off switch.
dbEditGridAddFlds Define Grid Edit Add fields and the options of each field.
dbEditGridAddSQL User specified SQL for 'Grid' Add.
dbEditGridUpdate Full screen edit Update On/Off switch.
dbEditGridUpdateFlds Define Grid Edit Update fields and the options of each field.
dbEditGridUpdateSQL Define user specified Grid Update SQL.
dbEditMagicCell Apply MagicCell to display only Edit fields.
dbEditRecordScope Controls where editing is done on single or multiple records.
dbEditSelectATAT Execute SELECT @@Action after MS-SQL edit action.
dbEditUpdateFlds Define Edit Update fields and the options of each field.
dbEditUpdateHideFlds Define Edit Update hide fields.
dbEditUpdateSQL Define user specified Update SQL.
dbEditValidateName User Supplied Javascript function Name for Edit input validation.
dbEmbeddedDSN Set DSN for embedded SQL. Default is dbDSN.
dbEmbeddedGridMagicCell MagicCell applied to Embedded Grid.
dbEmbeddedGridNameMap Apply NameMap to embedded grid.
dbErrorRedirect Redirect to an IRL according to the System Error/Warning/Message return code.
dbEventCalendar Stand alone calendar with event text and scheduling capabilities.
dbExportCols Export Column(s) of a grid in Raw or MagicCell format.
dbExportFlds Export field(s) of a grid row in Raw or MagicCell format.
dbFilterAssistant Toggles FlterAsssitant On/Off state.
dbFilterAssistantFont Set the FilterAssistant Font.
dbFilterAssistantTag Set the dbFilterAssistant Tag.
dbFilterConnector Set the filter default connector.
dbFilterFlds Define Filter/Search fields and the options of each field.
dbFilterHideFlds Define filter hide fields.
dbFilterOnEntry Specify the filter condition upon entry.
dbFilterOperator Set the filter default string operator.
dbFilterSQL User defined filter query.
dbFilterTemplate Replace internal system 'Filter' display template.
dbFilterUCaseFunction Covert filter inputs to uppercase so that mix case input will match an all caps DB setup.
dbFilterValidateName User Supplied Javascript function Name for filter input validation.
dbFirstTimeOnly Execute module only once.
dbFormCols The number of 'Snake' columns in a Form display.
dbFormDisplayFlds Define fields to display in Form from the SQL selected fields.
dbFormHideFlds Define fields to hide in Form from the SQL selected fields.
dbFormMagicCell Transform Form cell value to a variaty of formats. Same as GridMagicCell.
dbFormNameMap NameMap for the Form. Same function as the Grid NameMap.
dbFormTemplate Replace internal system 'Form' mode template.
dbGridAddTemplate HTML code replacing the internal standard grid update template.
dbGridCols The number of 'Snake' columns in a Grid display.
dbGridDisplayFlds Define fields to display in Grid from the SQL selected fields.
dbGridHideDupRecFlds Fields to apply hide duplicates Column cells.
dbGridHideFlds Define fields to hide in Grid from the SQL selected fields.
dbGridMagicCell This is an old syntax and is for backward compatibility. Use dbMagicCell.
dbGridStrips Specify the display row/column alternating effect.
dbGridTemplate Replace internal system 'Grid' mode template.
dbGridUpdateSumbitModifiedRowOnly Submit only the modified row(s) in grid update. When row update is not submitted, all hidden fields will not be submitted also,
dbGridUpdateTemplate HTML code replacing the internal standard grid update template.
dbHideDupBlankText Replace repeated column cells with a user 'dido' text.
dbIdFileDir Virtual,physical directory or full path of id file. Allow user to define the location of the Tornado id file (Def = tornado.idx). The property is updated to allow user to define the exact id filename hence there is no need to rename the id file. File location is also fully controlled by user.
dbImageDir Directory of Non-Css type images.
dbInitSortCols Columns (1 based) to be sorted initially upon entry.
dbInitSortFlds Fields (0 based) to be sorted initially upon entry.
dbInstallDir Root of Tornado installation.
dbInvisible Toggle display status.
dbLargeDownload Toggle large download switch for Download.
dbLineChart Define Line chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbLocalCurrency User specified local thousand separator to override the culture value.
dbLocalDecimal User specified local decimal format to override the culture value.
dbLocalText Localize the system message text.
dbLocalThousand User specified local thousand separator to override the culture value.
dbLogin Setup and activate Multi-User Login.
dbLoginTemplate Replace internal system 'Login' template.
dbLongDate Toggle the state of the Long Date (inc. h:m:s) for edit and filter.
dbLookUpFlds Define Fields/Columns in the SQL as a key and display the lookup instead of the raw key value.
dbMagicCell Transform grid cell value to a variaty of formats. A highlight of the ASP-db tool.
dbMail Set Email properties for ASPdbSendMail, Upload and Edit. (DoNet 1.x)
dbMemoFlds Emulates Classic ASP-db and allows only (1) memo field to be dislayed below the grid.
dbMemoTextSize Specify maximum length of MEMO fields.
dbMode Set Display mode and options.
dbMultiModules Define the unit is in a multiple modules state.
dbMyInputFlds Type type of each Input Fields for ASPdbMyInputForm.
dbNameMap NameMap for the Grid. Rename the field names in the header display and optionally supply the calculated expression required for sort, edit and filter criteria.
dbNavigationItem Setup navigation buttons.
dbNoHead Suppress the <HEAD> block code to be emitted.
dbNullText Define text to display for 'Null' and also set edit criteria text to 'Is Null'.
dbOptions Miscellaneous options.
dbPageSize Set paging row count and also row+, row-.
dbPieChart Define Pie chart for GridChart or standalone mode.
dbPopText Display text or memo field text in a popup window via MagicCell.
dbProvider Specify the Data Provider. Data provider comes in a general flavor like ODBC and OLEDB and a native flavor like SQLClient, MYSQLClient and OracleClient. There is no logical reason not to use a 'Native Client' which is developed for the DB in a specify platform.
dbQP Quick Properties (dbQP) allows you to batch build all the write only properties for convenience and performance.
dbRecordCount Preset recordset record count.
dbRefresh Set refresh in <meta> tag http-equiv="refresh"
dbRemoteURL Specify remote URLs for Remote operations.
dbResultSet Specify which result set to retrieve from StoredProcedure
dbSearchFilesParams Define parameters for ASPdbSearchFiles.
dbSelectedBoxFormTemplate Replace internal system 'SelectedBoxForm' template.
dbSelectedItem Special application to return select item and qty of grid.
dbSelectedItemMacro Define SelecetdItem setup parameters.
dbSelectExactSQL Define SQL(s) to selct the exact amount of records for display. MS-SQL uses TOP, ORACLE uses ROWCOUNT, MYSQL Uses LIMIT.
dbSendHead Include user text in the <HEAD>..</HEAD> block.
dbShowDeleteStatus Show SelectItems deleted items.
dbSilentCmdText Define SQL(s) to be executed before first entry.
dbSkin Setup (Skin) Css Text style for display.
dbSortColLeftJustify Toggle displaying sorted fields to the left of grid.
dbSortFlds Fields in Grid to be sorted (0 based). When specified, the Up/Dn sort arrows will be added to the Column header.
dbSQL Primary SQL for records retrIval.
dbSQLDateFormat Date format required to build the correct date fields for edit SQL statements.
dbStartUp StartUp parameters.
dbStartUpGoto Performs a linear search to locate the first matching record from recordset on entry.
dbStatusBar Set Status bar display.
dbStatusBarFont Set Status bar font type.
dbStockTicker Set properties to retrieve Stock tickers.
dbStockTickerTemplate Set the template for the stocker tickers.
dbStoredProc Define stand alone SP properties for ASPdbSP, ASPdbDS or ASPdbSP2DS.
dbStoredProcCmdParams Define SP full in/out parameters properties for ASPdbSP, ASPdbDS or ASPdbSP2DS.
dbSuperBar SuperBar is an implementation of fancy navigation, goto, and search functions. Type=1 has only the navigation and Type=2 includes the SuperGoto functions (See Startupgoto for more details). Super bar will adjust the color automatically according to dbSkin. Superbar is equivalent to the navigation and it can be positioned anywhere. It's object reference is also [[GridNav]]. A special implementation for Alphabetic A-Z type search via the dbSuperGotoFld property. This is especially useful for a sorted column that user can goto the record of a preferred prefix.
dbSuppressMsg Suppress system messages.
dbTemplateDir Override default system templates directory.
dbTestBlankTable Test for 'blank table' and 'no return records' before read/write actions.
dbTextHolder Insert custom text in output HTML code.
dbTransparent Disable Css for user cusomization.
dbTransparentTbStyle User specified table style for dbTransparent.
dbTrueVar Set value of True in application.
dbTVS Set TVS type.
dbType Specify the Datasource type for DSN and SQL related setup. Mandatory for MS-SQL data source.
dbUnit Define the a number to provide unique identification to the module.
dbUpdateTemplate Replace internal system 'Update' template.
dbUpload Execute standalone multiple files upload with auto email option. Entire applicatoin in (2) lines.
dbUserAddTemplate User designed template for Edit Add operation.
dbUserFilterTemplate User designed template for Filter/Search operation.
dbUserUpdateTemplate User designed template for Edit Update operation.
dbValidatorParams Activate Validation and setup validation parameters.

Public Instance Methods

ASPdbArc Method - Display Archives with pre-programmed options. Just upload data files and a single simple aspx file to a virtual directory and the rest can be all automatic or under user control.
ASPdbCalendar Returns a stand alone rich featured calendar.
ASPdbClearLogin Clear login record for standalone login.
ASPdbConvert Encrypt and Decrypt any text.
ASPdbDownloadOverloaded. Executes the download without any user interface.
ASPdbDSOverloaded. This function method process the connection and SQL and returns a dataset. Use can take this dataset and process with Web controls. MagicCell, LookUp and relevant filters are supported.
ASPdbDynaList Execute Dynalist.
ASPdbExecuteCmd Execute the dbSilentCmdText in a "stand alone" mode and returns the total records affected in executing multiple SQLs (-1 = error).
ASPdbGetStockTicker Get stock tickers from yahoo and return in various formats. Getting stock tickers from the page is becoming the De Facto standard. ASPdbGetStockTicker implements a full blown version of this activity. The selection of the ticker values is streamlined using the TagIndex.
ASPdbHead Returns the code for the <HEAD> block and the title.
ASPdbLogin Stand alone Login.
ASPdbMyInputForm Produce Input FORM according to dbMyInputFlds.
ASPdbNETOverloaded. Primary method.
ASPdbPostBack Application Re-Entrant detection - same as PostBack.
ASPdbReadXML Read an XML file as datasource.
ASPdbRemote Execute remote script file.
ASPdbRemoteDataCollectionOverloaded. Collect the file from all the URLs and create a table.
ASPdbSearchFiles Stand alone search file application.
ASPdbSendMailOverloaded. Execute SendMail accordingly to properties set by dbMail in Non-StandAlone mode.
ASPdbSendReport Send report to browser in MS Word format.
ASPdbSendTemplate Send a specify template to the browser after all the macro objects are filled.
ASPdbSPOverloaded. Execute Stored Procedures using on-the-fly or full parameter options. If dbStoredProc is used, dbSQL is ignored. To define output variables, use the Full parameters syntax and intdir=2. The returned variable can be obtained via GD..Get_SPOutput("@Variable Name")
ASPdbSP2DS Execute Stored Procedures and return the result in a dataset. Multiple result sets is contained in Datset tables.
ASPdbUpload Execute standalone multiple files upload.
ASPdbUserChartOverloaded. Returns the chart HTML code w/o title and Css.
ASPdbWriteXML Write existing Recordset as an XML file.
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TornadoInfo This function call reports all the DotNet system metrics and should be kept at reach to review the DotNet and Tornado setup.
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