Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbTextHolder Property

Insert custom text in output HTML code.

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Property Value

Obj.dbTextHolder = "Name1=Any Text | Name2=Any Text |...."

TitleFirst line of title (different styles in different skin)
SubTitleSecond line (different styles in different skin)
HeaderMain Title for Display
Nav1Before Display Buttons, after <FORM>
Nav2After Display Buttons, before </FORM>
FilterTitleTitle for Filter
DH1Before Dual Horiz Grid
DualTitleTitle for Dual modes
GridTitleTitle for Grid Mode
G1Below GridTitle
G2After Grid; Before </FORM>
G3After Grid; After </FORM>. Use this to customize the entire navigation bar (remember to set Ni=none).
TG1Before Transparent grid.
AddTitleTitle for Add
UpdateTitleTitle for Update
EditTitleTitle for Edit
GH1After <Table..> - for header customization. Should disable header using Header=false if want 100% customization rather than adding on to the top.
BDInside <Body ..>

.dbTextHolder = "BD=OnLoad=document.forms[0].elements[0].focus()"

FHBTForm Header Before <TABLE..> Use this to customize around Form header
FHATForm Header After <TABLE...> Use this to customize around Form header
Edit1This is an insertion point for user custom buttons added to the standard Edit button after the 'Help' button. The format is non-negotiable. You need to prepare 2 images for mouseover and mouseout. Mouseout is the same as src image. If the imagename is MyImage.Gif then the counter part for mouseover must be on_MyImage.gif. Fill in the blank for the blue text and look at the example. If you need to have more than one button just append one to the other.

dim MyeditBut as string = "<A HREF='action'><IMG onmouseover=""Hover(this,'path/on_imagename');"" onmouseout = ""Hover(this,'path/imagename');"" src='path/imagename' alt='alt_text'></A>

dbTextHolder="Edit1=" & MyEditBut

Example: Insert a button to popup a help file -

.dbTextHolder = "edit1=<A HREF='#' onclick=""'/tornado/templates/SuperBar-instructions.htm', 'Help_Window', 'width=320, height=310, left=200, top=200, directories=no,menubar=no,toolbar=no,status=no')""><IMG onmouseover=""Hover(this,'/tornado/css/RC/watch/on_help.gif');"" onmouseout = ""Hover(this,'/tornado/css/RC/watch/help.gif');"" src='/tornado/css/RC/watch/help.gif' width=37 height=32 border='0' name=help alt='Help'></A>"
DownloadTitleExcel directly Download title (specify this in dbDownloadParams - .id6 only)
UP1Upload - After title if any and before <Form> Tag
UP2Upload - After <Form> Tag
UP3Upload - After input table and Before </Form> Tag
UP4Upload - After </Form> Tag
UP5Upload - After last <TR> before </Table> Tag. Add to bottom of table.

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See Special Topic - TextHolder

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