Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbStoredProcCmdParams Property

Define SP full in/out parameters properties for ASPdbSP, ASPdbDS or ASPdbSP2DS.

Product Version

EP, Gold

Property Value

Obj.dbStoredProcCmdParams = "(;,)SPName |SPType | NoRS; Name| Type| Dir| Size| Value, ...repeat"

SPNameName of stored procedure or command text. SPname=byroyalty
SPTypeSP (def) | Table | Text.

Use Table for ACCESS query

NoRS T/F. Returns no recordset. Def=false
NameVariable name. name=@percentage
Type Variable data type member name - See Data Provider Type. Default=String Type.

The old classic ASP datatype index is not available any more. This input must be the data type member name. e.g. BigInt, Data, Integer, Decimal, NVarChar, Number. Member names are not case sensitive.

There are (3) alias verbs - String, Integer, Date. See Data Type for appropriate mapping for different providers of these 3 verbs. If you should get data type mis-match error. Use the exact member name from these tables.

DirDirection of Variable - input or output - (input either string or number)
  • in|input|1
  • out|output|2
  • inout|inputoutput|return|4
SizeWidth (how many characters) of parameter. Def=Length of Input String
Valuevalue of parameter. Input values wrappers are optional. Value=hello or Value='hello'

QuickProp Keyword Abbreviation



Q311540 - "COMPUTE BY Statements Not Supported by SqlClient". This restriction might be lifted.

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