Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbSkin Property

Setup (Skin) Css Text style for display.

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Property Value

Mydb.dbSkin = "Dir| Custom| Type=Style Name or Number or None| Flat=false| ButtonColor| BarColor| BgPic=user_background_image| BgColor=User_Color| Css=T/F"

DirSkin file directory. Default = Css (/tornado/Css). A new set of Css file is available as Css2004. NS4 browser support is dropped in this version and quality of the skins are greatly improved. Replace the /tornado/Css files with those in /tornado/Css2004 if you want to use this new set. All skin styles after 37 will be in Css2004 and the old Css will eventually phase out.>
CustomTrue or False. If True then Type, ButtonColor (def=blue), BarColor (def=chrome), BgPic (def=""), RCimagestyle (def="summermeadow") and BgColor (def="") will be used to construct the CSS.

Obj.dbSkin = "type=MySkin | Custom=true"

TypePre-programmed CSS Style name, number or user customized style name.

The "none" option disable the output of the Stylesheet. This is the case that user is specifying their own in a template. See example 'Fancy Add'.

Flat True | False. No gradient.
BgPicUse your own logo to customize the page. It is best to Place the image in the css/style/images directory. Remember you might haveto make different version of the image for different color set. This is also needed for custom CSS.
BgColorCustomize the styles using your own color background. This is also needed for custom CSS.
ButtonColorThis is for Custom CSS where user pick a matching button color scheme. (green, red, blue, lilac or brown)
BarColorThis is for custom CSS where user pick a matching Nav Bar color scheme (Chrome or Red)
rcimagestyleThis is for custom CSS where user build a matching Nav Bar color scheme for the Super Navigation Bar. There are 3 choices -
  1. User to build the directory in /tornado/css/RC/Custom_Name.
  2. User can pick a similar style value from the standard list.
  3. Default="summermeadow"
CssSuppress <link ref='stylesheet'...>. Only the top module should emit the linkref. Subsequent modules should suppress that.

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