Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbSearchFilesParams Property

Define parameters for ASPdbSearchFiles.

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Property Value

Obj.dbSearchFilesParams="Includepattern| ExcludePattern| Size| BaseTarget| PopTarget| SeachBox| Column| AsciiExtension| HideBlock"

ASPdbSearchFilesString function return the entire HTML ready table staring holding the return url linked file names.
IncludepatternFile pattern to include = Virtual path + pattern separated by [,]. Different file extensions in the same path is separated by [;]

e.g. ind= /tornado/manual04/*.shtm;*.html, /tornado/manaul04/*.apsx, /tornadodemo/*.aspx

This example includes files od a certain pattern spanned across 2 directories.

ExcludePatternSame format as IncludePattern. These files will be excluded from the Include list. Note that identical filename under different different directory is registered as individual file. File directories are only stripped during the final display process.

e.g. ind= /tornado/manual04/*.shtm| exc=/tornado/manaul04/*.doc

SizeSize of the search text input box when SearchBox=true. (Def=25)
BaseTargetFrame target displaying the SearchBox and the search results. For user specified SearchBox, this does not apply. (Def=_self)
PopTargetFrame target displaying the matching file from the base target. (Def=aspdbpopsearch)
SearchBoxDisplay a built-in Searchbox.
ColumnNumber of table columns to use in displaying search result.

Note: .asp extension will match .aspx when compared using ASCIIextension.indexof(extension)

AsciiExtensionASCII extensions of file name to be displayed as ASCII file. Note that if an aspx or asp file is submitted, it'll execute like the .html file. Therefore, these kind of fil etype must be declared in ASCIIextension in order to be displayed as a text file. (Def=.aspx.dat.txt)
HideBlockHide the specified text in block hidden. Fromatis blockname1,blcokname2...

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In this entire API MSDN style manual, how can you search for information? Use ASPdbSearchFile. There is no better example than having one work on itself!! The following example is simply amazing. It is a self-contained full text search application. No Index server, No database, no SQL and no maintenance. Just add and subtract files in the directories. If you are supplying your own Searchbox, just define the action as this filename with a target and the defaults will kick in and everything will be automatic. Look at the Tornado manual's 'Search' button as reference. the following is the search buttons code -

<a class=button href="searchfiles.aspx" target="Display"><font color="black">Search</font></a>

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
Dim ST As New Tornado.Z()
   With ST
      .dbUnit = 1
      .dbSkin = "bluesky"
      .dbTextHolder = "Title=Search Tornado Manual, Examples and Demo"
      .dbSearchFilesParams = "inc=/tornadomanual/*.html,/tornadomanual/*.aspx|" & _
        "Col=3| SearchBox=true"
      dim sf as string = Request.QueryString("ASPdbSearchFile")
      if sf <>"" then
         response.write("<html><Head><link rel='stylesheet' " & _
           "href='/tornado/css/BlueSky/Style.css'></Head><BODY onLoad" & _
      end if
   End With
End Sub

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