Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbRecordCount Property

Preset recordset record count.

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Property Value

dbRecordCount = -1(Def) | n | 0

-1Fetch bottom and shows start-End:Total (Expensive but informative)
nUser control of total records.
0Do not fetch bottom and only shows total when hit bottom (as dbExpress=true in Classic ASP). This setting is highly recommended when working with larger DB.

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Setup the record count so Tornado does not have to do that. This would speed up the application a lot. If you know the recount count ahead of time, do use this option to pre-set the count. If value =-1 then Tornado will go and retrieve the actual count of the recordset (expensive operation). The only time you can do that is that the data source you are working with is static or you are in a demo mode. Default in Tornado is now (-1 = Fetch bottom).


dbRecordCount = 123

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