Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbNavigationItem Property

Setup navigation buttons.

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Property Value

Obj.dbNavigationItem = "none, top, prev, next, bottom, rowplus(r+), rowminus(r-), colplus(c+), colminus(c-), filter(search), resetfilter(showall), download, reload, add, update, delete, basic5(b5), break"

noneNo buttons.
topGoto top page.
prevGoto previous page.
nextGoto next page.
bottomGoto last page.
rowplusIncrease display rows by Pagesize. Pagesize does not change.
rowminusDecrease display rows by Pagesize. Pagesize does not change.
colplusIncrease display col by 1.
colminusDecrease display col by 1.
resetfilterReset filter criteria. If this is not specified then not show, it means user cannot reset the filter - a security feature.
downloadRegular download and Excel download button.
updateAllow update activities and show update button.
addAllow add activities and show add button.
deleteAllow delete activities and show delete button.
b5(Def) Show top,bottom,prev,next,Reload buttons
breakAdd a <BR> and show rest of buttons in next line.
ReloadReload all data

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<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
  Dim Q As New Tornado.Z()
  Q.dbQP = "Unit=1| Skin=1| Mode=Grid| DSN=Nwind| SQL=Select * From Orders|" & _
    "Th=Ti=Demo - Naivgation| GridDisplayflds=0,1,2,3,4| Navigationitem=basic5," & _
End Sub
To display the navigation bar both at the top and bottom, add the following line -
Q.dbGridTemplate = "<center>[[GridNav]]<P>[[Grid]]<p>[[GridNav]]<P>[[GridStat]]</center>"

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