Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbMode Property

Set Display mode and options.

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Property Value

Obj.dbMode="Type | Classic | Indexfld | sysindex | Header | Supergoto | Scroll | FixedCol | AddStart | UpdateStart | FilterStart | SboxTag | SBoxMacro" | Email | RowEdit| UserChart"

  • Grid - Record Rows and Col mode.
  • Form - Single Record vertical mode.
  • Dual - Grid on top and Form below.
  • Dual-Horiz - Grid on left nad Form on right.
  • Both - Grid and Form on separate page. Use Sysindex to link to the Form page from the Grid.
  • Grid-Chart - Grid on Left and Chart on right.
  • SBoxForm - SelectBox on top and Grid below.
  • SBox - SelectBox only.

e.g. Type=SBoxForm | Macro = #0#-#1#

SBoxForm is a special case of the 'Dual' mode where the 'Grid' part is replaced by the SelectBox.

SBox returns only the SelectBox in GetData.Sbox like GD.Get_Sbox(Unit) (See example)

Classic True|False(Def). Retain the old classic ASP-db Grid and Filter modes using single form per screen.
Indexfld Column to use for index (0 based). IndexFld=0
sysindex Treu|False(Def). If SysIndex = False then the system '#' Column will not show, the indexing link will be performed on Column 'Indexfld'.
Header True(Def)|False. If False then Grid header will be hidden..
FormHeader True(Def)|False. If False then turns off Form label.
FilterHeader True(Def)|False. If False then turns off Filter label.
Supergoto True|False(Def). If SuperGoto = True then the SuperGoto bar will show. See Goto properties.
ScrollTrue|False(Def). Retain the old classic ASP-db Grid Edit and Filter modes using single form per screen
FixedColFixed columns on left.
AddStart True|False(Def). Startup as Grid + Add. NaviagtionItem MUST include 'Add' and BookMark MUST be defined. (Only one of these three can be used)
UpdateStartTrue|False(Def). Startup as Grid + Update. NaviagtionItem MUST include 'Update' and BookMark MUST be defined.(Only one of these three can be used)
FilterStartTrue|FalseF(Def). Startup as "Grid + Filter". (Only one of these three can be used) To set startup = filter only - set FilterStart=True in mode and dbStarUp=Filter This is not the same as dbStartUp=Filter in which a form like (or user template) page is displayed
SboxLabel Left Side label before <SELECT> box.
SboxTagTags for the <SELECT...> box.
SBoxMacroWhen mode=SboxForm. This macro will apply. This macro will be displayed as the 'Grid' just as the 'Grid' in the Dual mode. When dbSQL="" and SboxMacro items is inside (..) separated by commas, then user items is assumed.
Email True|False(Def). This module produce output for Email.
RowEditTrue|False(Def). This option emulates the Edit in every row feature of Classic ASP-db. Further more, it can mix with Tornado's editing format. Very flexible.

Note: RowEdit (Update/Delete) requires these two actions defined in dbNavigationItem.

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Response.Write("Q=" & Server.UrlDecode(Request.QueryString("Tornado")) & "<BR>") Dim x As New Tornado.z Dim gd As New Tornado.GetData x.dbUnit = 1 x.dbMode = "type=SBox|SboxMacro=({{Categories,Customers,Employees}})" x.ASPdbNET() Response.Write(gd.Get_Sbox(1)) Response.Write("Selected=" & gd.Get_SelectBoxSelection(1))

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