Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbInvisible Property

Toggle display status.

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Property Value

Obj.dbInvisible = True | False(Def)

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Display should be turned off in exports when preparing for template stuffing. If invisible is true in ASPdbSendTemplate, then the entire module display will be saved and only the active module will be displayed. See dbMultiModules.


The follwing example suppress the grid display and then place the grid in a template.

<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
  Dim z1 As New Tornado.z
  With z1
    .dbQP = "u=1| D=Nwind| Q=Orders| Gdf=0,1,2,3| Ni=none|Th=Ti=Invisible Grid"
    .dbInvisible = True
    .ASPdbSendTemplate("Display", "", "<h3>This is My Grid</h3>[[Grid]]")
  End With
End Sub
The following code export two raw fields. This is the case where application needs to retrieve info from the web application w/o any display and html code.
<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs
  Dim GD As New Tornado.GetData
  Dim Tag As String = Request.QueryString("Tag")
  Dim x As New Tornado.z
  x.dbQP = "U=1|D=c:\MuWare\Mu.mdb"
  x.dbSQL = "Select Info, owner from uCode where IC = " & Tag
  x.dbInvisible = True
  x.dbNoHead = True
  x.dbExportFlds = "(0),(1)"
  Dim flds() As String = GD.Get_Fexport   '1 Dim array
  Response.Write(flds(0) & "," & flds(1))
End Sub

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