Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbIdFileDir Property

Virtual,physical directory or full path of id file. Allow user to define the location of the Tornado id file (Def = tornado.idx). The property is updated to allow user to define the exact id filename hence there is no need to rename the id file. File location is also fully controlled by user.

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Property Value

x.dbIdFileDir = "Physical or Virtual Path of user or tornado.idx file."

x.dbIdFileDir = "" '... Defaults to /bin/Tornado.idx

x.dbIdFileDir = "C:\Users\Frank\Documents\ASPdb-2008\Customers\BULL\ID\bull_1_of_2_2008_Gold_id8" '... No extension

x.dbIdFileDir = "C:\Users\Frank\Documents\ASPdb-2008\Customers\BULL\ID\bull_2_of_2_2008_Gold.id8" '... With extension

x.dbIdFileDir = "/mysite1/bin" '.../mysite1/bin/Tornado.idx

x.dbIdFileDir = "/mysite1/bin/Tornado.id8" '... as is an dwill be converted to physical path

x.dbIdFileDir = "d:\t2005\mysite1\bin" /... d:\t2005\mysite1\bin\Tornado.idx

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In some case where user do not have access to the system32 dir or the /bin dir. This property will enable the selection of a local dir. Note that both physical and virutal dir can be used.


<script language="VB" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Src As Object, E As EventArgs)
Dim im As New Tornado.z
  im.dbQP = "U=1|S=none|D=NWIND|Q=Employees|gdf=0,1,2|id=/tornado/images-net/| idd=/tornado/myprogram/"
End Sub

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