Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbDownloadParams Property

Define various options for the download - Magic, Lookup, Excel.

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Property Value

Mydb.dbDownloadParams = "(;,~)Magic | StripHtmlTags| LookUp | Excel | ForceDownload| titlebgcolor| titlecolor| headerbgcolor| headercolor|row1bgcolor| row1color| row2bgcolor| titlerow| row2color| sumbgcolor| sumcolor| CSUM=col1,col2| InsertAfterCol = column, caption, formula ~..... Repeat"

FieldDownload field to be processed by MAgicCell filter.
TagTag of field
MacroMagicCell Macro. (See MagicCell reference)
MagicUse Magic Filter - True / False (def)
StripHtmlTagsStrip all Html tags from grid/title/Agg templates - True / False (def)
LookUpUse LookUp Filter - True / False (def)
ExcelDownload as Excel - True / False(Def)
ForceDownloadDef=False. If set to True then a content-disposition attachment will be issued. This is the same as the Command line param of the ASPdbDownload except it applies to Excel download.
InsertAfterColInsert a column after this one with - Column_number, Caption, formula. (0 based)
CSUMFields to sum at the bottom (index separated by commas)
TitleRowDef=1. how many rows Title occupies. e.g. <H3> occupies 2 rows.
titlebgcolorDef=yellow. Title bg color. (Excel download color)
titlecolorDef=black. Title text color. (Excel download color)
headerbgcolorDef=black. Header bg color. (Excel download color)
headercolor>Def=white. Header text color. (Excel download color)
row1bgcolorDef=black. Zebra row 1 bg color. (Excel download color)
row1colorDef=black. Zebra row 1 cell text color. (Excel download color)
row2bgcolorDef=lightgrey. Zebra row 2 cell text color. (Excel download color)
row2colorDef=black. Zebra row 2 bg color. (Excel download color)
sumbgcolorDef=cyan. Sum cell bg color. (Excel download color)
sumcolorDef=black. Sum cell text color. (Excel download color)
DownloadTitleExcel directly download title.

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If Magic is specified, a new query will be fired to get the raw data and then downloadMagicCell will be applied. Otherwise, the Display data will be used.


See Special Topic - Download for more details.

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