Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.dbCalendar Property

Advanced popup calendar to assist date inputs.

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Property Value

Mydb.dbCalendar="Param=Value | Param=Value .."

AddText(number)=TextAdds to the text that will be disposed below the date boxes. e.g. Addtext(0)=Line 1 of 1st calendar| Addtext(0)=Line 2 of 1st Calendar.
ArchiveSets or retrieves the name of the java archive file. Default = /aspdbNet/Jars/"
BGColorSets or retrieves the background color of the calendar. Default = "".
ButtonImageSpecifies the image to display for the popup button. Default = calendar.gif in the ASPdb.Net ImageDir.
CalendarTitle(number)=textSets or retrieves the title of the calendar frame. Default = "Calendar"
CloseCalendarAfterClickClose the calendar right after the click. Def=True
CodeBaseSets or retrieves the URL of the applet.
DateColorSets or retrieves the text color of the calendar dates. Default = 000000
Dates(number)Sets or retrieves the Strat,End range of the dates to allow Format: "mm/dd/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy"
DayAbbsSets or retrieves the three-letter day abbreviations used when creating dates in your form fields based on your Date selection. Default = "Sun,Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat"
DayNamesSets or retrieves the day names. Default = "Sunday,Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday,Friday,Saturday".
ExcludeDates(number)Lists the dates which cannot be chosen. Format = date1, date2, date3start-date3end,.... Format: mm/dd/yyyy,mm/dd/yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy-mm/dd/yyyy,...
FieldThe field property set the <input> name of the field to which the calendar popup will apply.
FaceSets or retrieve the name of the font. Permitted values: "Helvetica (Def)","TimesRoman","Courier".
StyleSets or retrieve the style of the font. Permitted values: "Bold","Plain","Italic". Default = "Plain" (for weekdays), "Bold" (for dates)
SizeSets or retrieve the size of the font. Default = 13 (for weekdays),18 (for dates)
FirstDayofWeekThe firstdayofweek permits you to change the appearance to support various first days of week. Default=1 (Sunday)
FirstWeekofYearFirstweekofyear determines which week is treated as the first week of a year. Used in conjunction with weeknumbers. Default=1 (First week with at least one day)
FormThe form property specifies the name of the form to attach to.>
FrameHeightSets or retrieves the height of the calendar frame.
FrameWidthSets or retrieves the width of the calendar frame.
FrameXSets or retrieves the x-coordinate of the calendar frame.
FrameY Sets or retrieves the y-coordinate of the calendar frame.
HighlightColorSets or retrieves the color to highlight the dates from the list defined by HighlightDates. e.g. HighlightColor = FF0000
HighlightDatesSets or retrieves the list of the dates that should be highlighted. Format: "dd/mm/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy,..." Default = "".
HolidayColorThe holidaycolor property sets the color of the calendar holidays. e.g. HolidayColor = FF6347.
HolidaysLists the holidays in local date fomat.
IsNeighbourMonthVisibleSets or retrieves the boolean value: true - if the neighbor month dates are displayed on the calendar false - if the neighbor month dates are not displayed. Default = true
IsTodayHighlightedSets or retrieves the boolean value: true - if today's date will be highlighted. false - if not. Default = true
IsUSADateFormatSets or retrieves the boolean value: true - if date format is USA. false - if not. Default = true.

Note - the Default holiday format is in US format mm/dd. If this option is selected, make sure to supply the the correct format of "Holidays" like dd/mm.

MaskThe mask property determines the way that date is entered in your field. Mask properties:
  • d - Single/Double digit day number
  • dd - Double digit day number
  • ddd - Three-character day abbreviation
  • ddd - Full day name m - Single/Double digit month number
  • mm - Double digit month number
  • mmm - Three-character month abbreviation
  • mmmm - Full month name
  • yy - Two-digit year
  • yyyy - Four-digit year Default = dd/mm/yyyy
MonthAbbsThe monthabbs property permits customization of the three-day month abbreviations used when creating dates in your form fields based on your Date selection. Default = Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec.
MonthNamesThe monthnames property permits customization of the month names used when creating dates in your form fields based on your date selection. Default = January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December
NeighbourMonthDateColorSets or retrieves the text color of the neighbor month dates e.g. NeighbourMonthDateColor = BC8F8
RowsNumber(number)Sets or retrieves the number of 'fixed' rows in the text area. You cane set a fixed row and if AddText is < fixed rows, the rest will be blank rows. If this is not set then AddText will always filled up the rows. It means, if you Addtext twice then it'll be 2 rows.
Submit(number)Sets or retrieves the Boolean value: - true, if the form will be submit - false, if not. Default = false.
Title (number)Sets or retrieves the calendar title. Default = "Calendar".
TodayHighlightColorSets or retrieves the BG color to highlight today date. e.g. TodayHighlightColor = DDA0DD.
UnselectableColorSets or retrieves the text color of the unselectable dates e.g. UnselectableColor = C0C0C0.
WeekDaycolorThe weekdaycolor property sets the text color of the calendar weekdays. e.g.WeekDayColor = 0000FF.
WeekEndSets or retrieves the boolean value: true - if the week-end days are displayed on the calendar. false - if the week-end days are not displayed. Default = true.
WeekEndBGColorSets or retrieves the background color of the calendar weekends. e.g. WeekEndBGColor = AFEEEE.
WeekNumbersWeek numbers are displayed to the left of the calendar for reference when selecting dates. Default = false. e.g. WeekNumbersBGColor = FFB6C1.
WeekNumbersBGColorSets or retrieves the background color of the calendar weekends.
WeekNumTitleSets or retrieves the title for the week numbers column. Default = "".
YearsSets or retrieves the range of the years to allow. Format: "yyyy,yyyy". Default = "".

QuickProp Keyword Abbreviation



SuperCalendar is a heavy duty popup calendar component that offers a wide variety of calendar functions. It is integrated into the Filter and Edit input constructs. When the Edit or Filter Type is set to TEXTCALENDAR. SuperCalendar will be applied to the specific Input control.

Several properties of the calendar control can be customized for different INPUT controls. They must bear an index as (number). See the following example -

MyDb.dbCalendar = "Excludedates(0)=7/15/2002,7/16/2002 | Weeknumbers=true| Excludedates(1)=7/17/2002,7/18/2002"

Here, two edit fields are calling for their own calendar with different excludedates on each calendar control. So, the first control placed on the form is (0) and second one is (1) etc.

The following example has two date INPUTs each with different lockout dates

<script language="vb" runat="server">
Sub Page_Load(Source as Object, E as EventArgs)
Dim addr As String
Dim Update As New Tornado.Z
  With Update
    .dbQP = "U=701|M=dh|S=3|D=NWIND|Q=employees|gdf=0,1"
    .dbTextHolder = "Title=PopUp Calendar Demo"
    .dbCalendar = "Excludedates(0)=7/15/2005,7/16/2005| Excludedates(1)=7/17/2005,7/18/2005"
    .dbEditUpdateFlds = "fi=0|ty=RONOUPdate,fi=HireDate|ty=TextCalendar,fi=Birthdate|ty=textcalendar"
    .dbNavigationItem = "prev,next,update"
     .dbBookMark = "employees;0"
  End With
End Sub

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