Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

z.ASPdbGetStockTicker Method 

Get stock tickers from yahoo and return in various formats. Getting stock tickers from the page is becoming the De Facto standard. ASPdbGetStockTicker implements a full blown version of this activity. The selection of the ticker values is streamlined using the TagIndex.

Product Version

[Visual Basic]
Public Function ASPdbGetStockTicker() As String
public string ASPdbGetStockTicker();


This function is stand alone and does not require any other auxllary property including dbUnit becasue it is not a display function. It only returns the stock tickers in many formats including a very flexible template. Use the dbStockTemplate to display the stock under the effect of the page's CSS. See example in how to embed this funciton in your web page in dbStockTicker.


string sticker = Obj.ASPdbGetStockTicker()

Dim Rm As New Tornado.z
Rm.dbUnit = 1
Rm.dbStockTicker = "Symbol=GM+AAPL+CSCO"
This example returns a string in csv format including CrLf. The header text is drawn from the table listed in dbStockTicker

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