Tornado API Library - V12.30.08

GetData.Get_UQ Method 

Get Commandline user Query Variable at first entry.

Product Version

[Visual Basic]
Public Function Get_UQ() As String
public string Get_UQ();

Return Value

Dim UQ as string = GD.Get_UQ

Returns blank string if error


When user or program passes command variables that include problem chartacters like single or double quotes, use this to retrieve the command line variables's value and then use dbOptions="KeepUserQueryString=false" to disable the carry over the value from page to page.

Set a command line variable before execute the following example - Example.aspx?Var1=It's a good example'

If the user variable Var1 is carried over to the submit screen, the single quote will cause the add submit to fail.

There is only (1) program entry as -> Program.apsx?UserVaraibles=ABC no matter how many modules (dbUNit) are in the aspx file. Therefore Get_UQ is not related to any particular dbUnit.

Dim ap As New Tornado.z
ap.dbQP = "U=1|S=3|D=Nwind|Bm=employees|Q=employees|Gdf=0,1,2,3|" _
    & "Ni=b5,Add|de=request,editsetup,editaction|eaf=1,2,3"
Dim GD As New Tornado.GetData
Response.Write("My User command line query variable = " & GD.Get_UQ)

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