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Tornado Release History

Release Problem / Solution / Patches / New Features
Dec 2011
  • No major releases in 2011. Source code is now available.
Dec 2010
  • MySQL must use MySQLClient Provider
  •  .dbSkin = Type=1 | BGPic="" | border=f". Def border=t
  •  Comontable delimiter (;,~|). Change the '|' delimiter for Oracel SQL conflicts if needed.
  • GetData fix up for get_FilterCriteria.
  • Fix SelectBox to feed the template
  •  Fix usertemplate directory
  •  New prop - .dbTemplateLink = "Url=/DRmgr/Aspx_Files/Link.aspx| WinName=MyWin"
  •  Csv path fixed
  •  Add Commontable support to Myinput.
  •  File option in dbCommonTable does not require Index.
    e.g. -> x.dbCommonTables = "Index=VehicleID | File=/bin/ASPdbCommon.txt,<RAMF>"


Jan 2010
  • Clean up all old Csharp test files and rename to 2010TestFiles. This batch of test files actually is a mix of VB and C# files. Al lfiles works now with the 2010 DLLs. Just make sure you poisitn the support files like database, ID, templates files in the appropriate directories.
  • Installdir incorrectly applied - fixed.
  • Custom button shows at top when title is blank - fixed.
  • Move the entire Get class to the main class. See new doc for details. The old format is still supported. The new format is much cleaner. For example, noe need to declare -

    Dim gd As New Tornado.GetData

    Just use obj.Get....

  • DDReplace row always 0 - fixed. Add #Field# to DDRepalce function specially for XMLtree.
  • Tree gif icon files (aspdbmenuicons.gif and aspdbmenuscroll.gif) now included in the imagedir for new XML display feature. These two files customize the tree icons. Aspdbtree now included in EP also for displaying the XML tree. See the examples. It is really cool.
  • XML tree works on any text field as well as XML fields. The MS examples uses Access with several string fields. The DB2 example works on the XML data type of the product table. The difference between a string field and an XML field is that the XML field can be queried using XQuery while the string field is for display only. I can onlybe searched using regular SQL query.
  • dbMemoFlds = "width=50%" tags did not work - fixed.
  • XML Tree back up level > 2 missed by 1 - fixed!
  • Add ASPdbDllVersion() to return the version and location of Tornado.Dll.
  • Correct error in CG.exe - Excel connection manual file selection. Add program masking feature to CG n teh Code window. This is the old Ted feature that is liked bya lot of folks. They are still using the old Ted just because of this features. Now they can give up Ted and use CG.
  • Add error msg to export when mismatch with SQL.
  • startup = filter & CloseStartUpAction = true not effective (fixed) Stop filter to show after startup.
  • Set Ajax default DIV name defined as ASPDBAJAX_Unit.
  • Add Pdf report (dbPdf property) - see Documentation and examples. This is a big one and kind of fill the missing report 'void' of Tornado for years. Now you can deliver the ASPdb reports in PDF format. It works especially well with the templates. Take a look at the Keystone example. There is no otehr product  out there that can do this.
Aug 2009
  • Add file=filepath to dbSendHead
  • Add Parameters ASPdbMyInputForm(tabletags=? | Errtags=?) Default=style='text-align:center; Border-collapse:collapse'
  • Make Title = Title2004
  • Add dbMyIputGetQueryString for Ajax MyInput. No <Table><td> within <form></form> tag. <br /> OK.
  • ASPdbMyInputForm now Ajax enabled using dbAjax, dbAjaxname, dbMyIputGetQueryString
  • Add Type = User Value = Def to MyInput for user to input their own like IMG.
  • dbMyInputFlds - Add Type = User (Raw) - When Fi=none then no label display. Note changed to right after textbox.
  • dbMemofld = "Tag=" as a general table tag to override the wi (width) tag.
  • x.dbMemoFlds = "fi=Des|ti=Solution Description|tag=align='center' width='40%'
  • Magic tag applied incorrectly when Skin != none - fixed.
  • Add dbInitComonTables() method.
  • Add width = ? to dbMemoFld to control memo box width
  • Add connectionstring to the auto detect DSN
  • Add image verification
  • Add MagicCell _BitList -
    x.dbCommonTables = "ind=catlist|SQL=Select CatName from cat order by seq"

    x.dbFormMagicCell = "fi=Cat|Mac=#Cat:_BITLIST=COMMONLIST=catlist#, fi=Download|mac=(/codeangel/dload/#download#|FE|||<A HREF='/codeangel/dload/#download#'>#download#</a>)"
  • Redo dynaliat to use Ajax
  • Add return false to onClick to retain position.
  • MyInput multicolumn valign=top fix.
  • Enhanced Sbox supporting dbDisplay.
  • Add dbDisplay="CODE" for embed output.
  • dbBLOB con=auto autodectect type for gif and BMP incorrect.
Aug 2008
  • Add Filter1 to Textholder. Similar to Edit1.
  • TestBlank Add breaks - fixed.
  • dbStartupGoto = "String >,<,>=,<>,<= value" does not work. Only '=' or starts with works. Fixed.
  • filter date <> broken - fixed.
  • dbOptions = "CloseStartupAction = true" was "CloseStartupAfterAction" in code. Changed to manual "CloseStartupAction".
  • Fix .dbStartUp = "EditAdd, EditGridAdd, EditUpdate,EditGridUpdate,Filter" to close after startup.
  • SearchFile now has popup boxes -
    Dim ST As New Tornado.z()
    With ST
    .dbUnit = 1
    .dbSkin = "bluesky"
    .dbTextHolder = "Title=Search Tornado API Manual, Examples and Demo"
    .dbSearchFilesParams = "inc=/DB2API/Doc20/*.html, /DB2API/html/*.html, /ASPDB/examples/*.aspx| Col=3| SearchBox=true"
    End With
  • MyInput Checkbox broken - fixed.
  • When DB uses A || B instead of A&B dbnameMap Breaks - fixed by adding a third delimiter.
  • EventCalendar 'codebase'=... MAYSCRIPT parsing incorrect - fixed.
  • dbInitSortFlds broken - fixed.
  • ASPDBCommom.txt can only be in /tornado dir. Now can be in /bin or in /tornado as stated.
  • SMTP reported host name incorrect in Email - fixec
  • IIF(test, true,false) in magiccell has delimiter conflict - fixed.
  • TRIM Grid data as Some DB returns trailing spaces.
  • SelectItems Clear All button on active page did not delete all - fixed.
  • Email batchsize > 1 errors - fixed.
  • Upload Action='..' not correct - fixed.
  • Download fixes - Download title in TextHolder only; Excel InsColAfter last column; Column0 = before field 0.
  • Edit field calendars lost after submit - fixed.
  • Extra open in SP2DS - fixed.
  • OUT param does not work with getall resultset - fixed.
  • Drop down toggle button not work returning from normal to Drop- fixed.
  • dbQP = "U=1| D=NWIND| Q=employees| GDF=0,notes| mf=notes| mts=100" -> mf=notes now works
  • Delete dbStickyEditAdd - replaced by dbStartup = "StickyEditAdd"
  • Edit RADIO mis-matched ID wrapper - fixed.
  • InstallDir fix.
  • Edit Radio button missing ' - fixed. Type RA = Radio
  • DB2 carries spaces in TEXT fields - trim for submitmodifiedrowonly
  • InstallDir fix
  • Aggregate was after Lookup in Show mode - fixed. Download OK.
  • Add a fourth delimiter (defaults to '|') - obj.dbCommonTables = "(;,~!).... In the case of sql=Select EMPNO, SALARY, BONUS, COMM, (FIRSTNME || ' ' || LASTNAME) from EMPLOYEE", '|' cannot be used as delimiter.
  • Provider=MySQL instead of MYSQLCLIENT breaks - fixed.
  • Grid Edit Select and CheckBox not shown - fixed.
  • Use dbBloankText instead of 'No Data' when Embedded Grid returns no data.
  • Ted supports MySQL SP & Functions.
  • Fix Mode=Sbox (incorrect index problem)
    Response.Write("Q=" & Server.UrlDecode(Request.QueryString("Tornado")) & "<BR>")
    Dim x As New Tornado.z
    Dim gd As New Tornado.GetData
    x.dbUnit = 1
    x.dbMode = "type=SBox|SboxMacro=({{Categories,Customers,Employees}})"
    Response.Write("Selected=" & gd.Get_SelectBoxSelection(1))
Jan 2008
  • No need to place the ID file into the /bin dir. No need to rename the id file to Tornado.idx. Now, you can place the id file anywhere under any name. All old defaults are honored. The following are all valid values (see online doc) -

    x.dbIdFileDir = ""
    x.dbIdFileDir = "C:\Users\Frank\ID\bull_1_of_2_2008_Gold_id8"
    x.dbIdFileDir = "C:\Users\Frank\ID\bull_2_of_2_2008_Gold.id8"
    x.dbIdFileDir = "/mysite1/bin"
    x.dbIdFileDir = "/mysite1/bin/Tornado.id8"
    x.dbIdFileDir = "d:\t2005\mysite1\bin"
  • Re-do Add Provider MYSQL = MYSQLCLIENT. MySQL is now supporting SP & functions and is in a more serious mode. We decided to revive the support. SP is not supported until MYSQL 6 in the new Ted08 while Tornado.dll does support that.
  • New Ted - Ted08 with more flexible features and easier to use. Supports MYSQL. Ted08 uses all native clients for all DBs.
  • Separate DLL into SQL, MYSQL, ORACLE and All-in-one so user can pick the appropriate one for their development w/o carrying the unwanted dlls.
  • Fix EditDate format such that dbEditDate Format must be the default culture or defined by dbCulture. Example code to implement Germany de-DE date -

   Dim SP As New Tornado.z
   SP.dbQP = "u=1| s=2| M=ty=dh!sys=t| Q=customer | Dt=mysql |   Pv=mysql| gdf=0| bm=customer;0| ni=b5,update| th=tit=MySQL - Sakila DB"
   SP.dbEditUpdateFlds = "create_date"
   SP.dbEditDateFormat = "dd.MM.yyyy"
   SP.dbDSN = "ultra;sakila;frank;z"
   SP.dbCulture = "de-DE"

  • Enable multiple SQLs execution in silentcmd. Remember do not use CONNECT in SQLs. CONNECT is already done in Tornado when dbDSN is specified. Just specify the SQL statements.
  • Add support for dbSQL = "File=....". All the SQL statements are stored in a local file instead of inline.
  • Use dbSQL if dbSlentCmdText is not available.
  • Add new parameter FilterHeader=false to Mode to turn off filter label.
  • Make AllCase applies to Filter value. Oracle will break when they are in Upper case mode.
  • Implement Multiple select in filter. Use (SB+M) in SELECT ok now as '1,2' will be replace by '1 Def_Oper 2' in the SUBMIT. Normally, multiple select is for filtering A or B or C. Example -

    Dim x As New Tornado.z
    x.dbQP =  "u=1| q=orders| D=Nwind| Ni=b5,Filter,ResetFilter| Gdf=0,1,2,3| TH=tit=Filter Test| fc=OR"
    x.dbMode = "Ty=dh| FormHeader=f| filterheader=f| SysInd=t| IndFld=0"
    x.dbCommonTables = "ind=OID|Q=SELECT DISTINCT OrderID from orders"
    x.dbFilterFlds = "Fi=0|ty=SB+M|Val=OID|Def=10251, 1"
  • Re-instate ASPdbUserChart. Note that remote files if used must be of valid MIME type (.data = no good; .html = ok)
  • dbInstallDir Init value not valid - fixed. Add support for CSS htpp:// css file location
  • dbBlob manual for mix inline type is incorrect. Auto blob type detect is for inline display.
  •  Add user controlled property 'dbSelectExactSQL' to accurately retrieve the exact amount of records for display. See online manual.
  • GetData breaks when return value is null - fixed - now returns blank string.
  • Add User Validate Js. Instead of using Tornado's validator, user can just add their Js validation routine. See example in online manual .dbValidaterParams.

    .dbValidatorParams = "code=/tornado/Jars|entry=false| UserValidateJs=checkselect(thisform)"
  • Add ID=Fieldname or Fieldname_y (y=row #) to all input elements to be accessed by user Js. Instead of using Tornado's internal NAME and ID, user can now ID=fieldname to access the form variable in their validation Js.
  •  Incorrect parsing of extended magic macro in the case of (#,###.0) macro with (..). For example -

 x.dbMagicCell = "(~?[]!|~/+{})fi=1| mac=(!1!  |LTN|0|align=right|<font color=red>!1:#,###.0;(#,###.0)!</font>~|EL||align=right)"

   will break the parser. Now - Fixed !!

  • Add focus to bring THUMB to the front.
  • Add Mono (mono spacing) font to EP
  • Make dbPopText memo popup window stays focused. Also delete [[Memo]] from GridTemp when dbPopText is active as they are XOR.
Jun 2007
  • Add AJAX to Tornado in obj.ASPdbNet(Ajax=t). See doc in code api page.
  • Enable mix Ajax=true in quick code
    Dim x As New Tornado.z
    x.ASPdbNET("D=NWIND | Q=Orders | Ajax=t")
  • Note - Use ULTRA/SQLEXPRESS as server in SQLEXPRESS; Use SQL Server and Window Authentication mode for security.
May 2007
  • SP when getall and not specified dbResultSet returns incorrect grid(s).
  • .dbOptions = "EditTitle = none" eliminates default title. Param "none" is case sensitive - fixed.
  • Add DLL version and ID file name to the TornadoInfo.
  • Add control to prohibit action title - see below example.
  • Implement MAXLENGTH for TEXTAREA.
    MAX INPUT LEN Example -
    Dim ed As New Tornado.z
    With ed
    .dbQP = "U=3|M=g!sysind=t|S=2|D=NWIND|Q=orders|gdf=0,1,2,4 ,8,9,10,11|Ni=b5,update|bm=orders;0"
    .dbEditUpdateFlds = "fi=0|ty=ronoup,1,fi=2|ty=text|tag=maxlength=1 "
    .dbOptions = "EditTitle = none"   'prohibit title
    End With

    Dim ta As String = "<script language='javascript' type='text/javascript'>" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "<!--" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "function MaxArea(Obj, MaxLen)" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "{" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "return (Obj.value.length <= MaxLen);" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "}" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "-->" & vbCrLf
    ta &= "</script>" & vbCrLf
    Dim ed As New Tornado.z
    With ed
    .dbQP = "U=3|M=g!sysind=t|S=2|D=NWIND|Q=employees|Ni=b5,up date|gdf=0,1,2,notes|bm=employees;0"
    .dbEditUpdateFlds = "(+^~)fi=0|ty=ronoup^1^fi=notes|ty=textarea|tag=ro ws=5 cols=20 onkeypress='return MaxArea(this, 15);'"
    .dbOptions = "EditTitle = none"
    .dbSendHead = ta
    End With
Apr 2007
  • Access2007 and Excel2007 supported. Ag.exe is also updated. Goto MS site and download the ACE.OLEDB engine and copy the Northwind 2007.accdb sample db and you'll be in business.
  • The Classic Edit Add special functions are available using dbButtonsOnOff - check it out.
Mar 2007
  • Suppress css when mm=t.
  • Yahoo stock returns N/A instead of 0.0. Adjust ASPdbGetStockTicker() to handle that.
  • Add new Oracle boolean field update example in Doc
Jan 2007
  • Add new feature GetFieldMatrix to retrieve SQL fields properties. Result returns in a 2-Dim array.
Oct 2006
  • Add new feature ASPdbGetStockTicker, dbStockTicker and dbStockTickerTemplate.
Sep 2006
  • Dynalist level with one item cannot be selected - fixed.
  • Add dbOptions="EditTitle=None" to strip edit header
  • Example of retrieving raw data
  • dbLogin missing ? - fixed
Jun 2006
  • Add dbDowloadParams = "striphtmltags=t| downloadtitle=Excel Download Title"
  • Add SP and Agg download support - all models
  • LargeDownload incorrect 'Return' address - fixed
  • Arrest missing id file error - unusual but happens.
  • Arrest CrLf at end of id string - Users are editing the id file which they are not suppose to. A CrLf is left at th eend and blows up the parsing. Now fixed.
  • Support latest MySQL 5 syntax.
Apr 2006
  • SP does not cover download - fixed.
  • Add notify = receipt mail address to email
  • SP out variable limited to (1) - fixed.
  • Mix of user operator and normal oper blows up filter query - fixed.
  • Enable TimeStamp GridUpdate grid by adding a new property dbGridUpdateSumbitModifiedRowOnly.
Feb 2006
  • Useragreement incorrect link fixed.
  • Delete selecteditem turned off after edit/cancel - fixed.
  • Allow user to use queries with conflicting 'AND' operator like filter string -> 'Quality Laundry and Books'; 'Barnes And Nobles'. Just enclose the search phrase with embedded AND with single quote.
  • Tornadoinfo works 1st time but reload crash - fixed.
  • GridEditMagicCell failed when startup = edit - fixed
  • Get_RSCOUNT <> 0 when Search returns 0 record - fixed.
  • Search Filter not registered in Get_RSCOUNT - fixed.
  • Filter non-range dropdown not working - fixed.
  • Download top record pointer set to 0 to get the whole download.
  • Patch MS-SQL GROUP BY dbCountSQL = Select Count(1) FROM (Select ... GroupBY ....) As X
  • ASP 2.0 DLL included.
Dec 2005
  • Update last record out of criteria blows up - fixed.
  • Upload auto label increment incorrect - fixed
  • Line Chart X axis not correct - fixed
  • Magic filter exits at blank data cell - fixed.
  • Equation with integers eval to zero fixed as double.
  • Embedded SQL returns incorrect data when cell is null - fixed with blanktext
Oct 2005
  • AllCase not working – fixed.
  • Manual DropDown Text not correct – fixed.
  • Oracle default edit date format incorrect – fixed.
  • SilentCmdText - if Command= is missing the text - entire property. Close connection after open is successful and execution is fault. Also add bool return.
  • MagicCell #ASpdbIndex# pass local index - should be global index – fixed.
  • Line Chart Line Names incorrect – fixed.
  • Add ASPdbDS("XML=file path").
  • Dateline default chart title mixed up with manual title
    Commontable index separated by space will fail - fixed. Do not mix index, separated them.
  • GridEdit "hidden" not work - fixed - not quite... grid edit switch separated and can be used in standalone mode.
    Add Pie Chart Legend.
  • Set Memo Popup win name default as popwin. If not set winname in popup prop then open separate wins.
  • PopUp memo display as popup and "Memo" in gridupdate - should be full text for all updates - fixed.
  • GridEdit "hidden" not work - fixed.
  • Use dbNullText="" for Is Null in Criteria. Set BlankText Def="".
  • Add NestedBody to dbMail for Magic Nest.
    Email Batch size > 1 problem fixed.
  • Add ASPdbLogin and ASPdbClearLogin for standalone login.
    Magic #Fieldname.# broken - fixed.
  • Add #-field# (minus fieldname) to magic for time-series delta magic.
  • Add single quote to double conversionin in magic (URLencoded) filter.
  • Add dbOptions="KeepUserQueryString=fale" to suppress user Q. Add GetData.Get_UQ to get the UQ if needed in all modules.
  • MyInput Validation broken - fixed.
  • GridEdit, RowEdit, Defaults broken - fixed by separating.
    Detect IE and NS and add <BR> to make the label and SB the same vertical spacing.
  • Add chartonly option to ASPdbUserChart(bool ChartOnly).

Jul 2005
  • New Tornado API manual in You can download the Tornado.chm file ( which has all the text and code but w/o live execution. All codes in this new API manual works with the latest July DLL.
  • Access + ODBC not work - fixed.
  • Add Quick Open in ASPdbNet. Obj.ASpdbNet("D=Nwind|Q=Employees"0 will perform a quickopen with navigation, search and memo handling.
  • EditGridUpdate incorrect in Startup Mode. Add dbStartUp="EditGridUpdate". Since Normal and Grid edit is separated each with their own SQL , Flds etc. Now, a new startup conditions is provided. The old code dbStartUp=Editpdate is not sufficient to tell whether the startup is normal or grid type.
  • Add encrypt option to dbRemoteURL. See API manual.
  • Add dbOption="DropFirst=First drop cell text" to distingusih between first selection and no selection. See API manual
  • Add to dbOptions = "EditTitle=Small title" above the edit grid.
  • Sort functions has been overhaul. InitSort Col now can use names - like "EmployeeID or EmployeeID DESC". See New API manual.
  • Get row, col count in GetData changed to integer return instead of string.
  • Add GD.Get_title, GD.Get_ASPDBNET, ASPdbNET(Notitle=true) to support control mapping. That means, the entire ASPdbNet output is returned to a string and you can place them in Web Controls. See ASPdbNet in new API manual.
  • ASPdbRemote dir offset not work - fixed.
  • GridEdit has no JS() support - fixed.
  • Filter JS() also working well with Edit and Filter
  • Missing property GridStrip = Col | row. Both not working - fixed.
  • Form mode status bar recordcount missing - fixed.
  • Missing FilterAssistant properties in documentation.
  • Filter and Edit Notes does not work when TEXT is not specified - fixed.
  • Filter and Edit Notes change to NR class for left justification.
  • FilterOnEntry property must be after dbSQL to be effective - fixed. This property is obsolete as user can build their dbSQL any time.
  • Re-do InitSortCol (1 based) and add InitSortFlds (0 based). FieldNames are now supported.
  • EditAllowZeroLength not effective, always = false - fixed.
  • Set dbEmbeddedDSN to same options as dbDSN.
  • Add ASPdbPostBack to match the ASPX Postback. See new API manual.
  • Change Debug "Fields" type to actual system DbType Member names instead of old ASP style index.
  • dbDownloadSQL is incorrect (Deleted) - should use dbDownloadFlds.
  • Send Grid to Email format changed - Add Overload ASPdbSednMail(false) to not init the properties.
  • CSV/text file DSN not corrrect - fixed.
  • Firsttimeonly not working - fixed.
  • Make SQL = SQLCLIENT so not to break any old code.
  • OracleClient is now working. Add OracleClient type to ADO
  • Re-do DataType to use member name only.
  • dbEditGridAdd and dbEditGridUpdate defaults to false is not effective - fixed.
  • Add, update, gridadd, gridupdate co-exist problem - fixed. See Gridedit example in new API manual.
  • New! dbOptions="SingleColumnSort=true" will disable multiple level column sort and simulate the classic single column sort.
  • init sort col with [-] will blow up - fixed.
  • Sort and initsortcol mixed up with ordinals - fixed.
  • Add auto detect SP input Size as input.length.
  • GD.Get_RSCOUNT returns 0 at entry - fixed.
  • SQLClient seems working with SP with COMPUTE now. MS fixed that?
  • InitCol Sort not effective - fixed. Now InitCol sort will also left justify.
  • ASPdbNet("New=true") does not work - fixed.
  • New! Add ASPdbSP("getall=true") to get all result sets from SP.
  • SP always use OLEDB before, now can use SQLCLient.
  • SQL and SQLClient mixed up - fixed.
    Dim SP As New Tornado.z
    With SP
      .dbQP = "U=1|S=7|Ps=-1| Ni=none| dt=SQL| Pv=SQLClient| D=fujitsu;pubs;sa;sa| Th=ti=Multiple SP Result Set Demo"
      .dbStoredProc = "spname=reptq2| NORS=false"
      .dbResultSet = 17
    End With
  • Add error trap to SP open.
  • Dynalist separate external Trigger Output file cannot retrieve levels, only trigger - fixed.
  • Pagesize incorrect in Classic form.
  • SQL Select@@ not work correctly - fixed.
Jun 2005
  • Add CountSQL to "Invalid SQL" error to clarify. Many time, user do not know that Tornado tried to guess the dbCountSQL to obtain he record count. In complex case especially involving DISTINCT, the guess is not correct. In this  case, use dbCountSQL. See following SQL -

    .dbSQL = "select DISTINCT * from ORDERS WHERE customerID='Vinet'"

    Now, you'll see the incorrect countsql in the Error display and you should then use -

    .dbCountSQL = "select DISTINCT count(*) from ORDERS WHERE customerID='Vinet'"

    Note this example only fails in SQL but works in ACCESS. So, it is better to supply your own accurate CountSQL.
May 2005
  • Delete built-in US based calendar Holidays to avoid non-us date problem.
  • Startup options (lower) case sensitive - fixed.
  • DISTINCT and TOP in SQL now to be left alone.
  • Button Image dir not effective - fixed.
  • Magic NB interpret a space incorrectly. Fixed
  • Year old Event / Report calendar 2003 fixed (Events and Schedules text not visible). must use an MIME type recognized by the O/S like .txt. Same problem with chart
  • Test Blank DB Exit option return code not found.
  • TestBlankAdd broken - fixed
  • Multiple Deletes - fixed " | " instead of " OR "
  • select ptr > end of page after row- will crash - fixed.
  • TestBlank broken due to ADO - fixed.
  • Add BLOB jpg/gif/png/pdf detection. No need to guess - Label=auto (gif,jpg,pdf). With you can can mix mime type in blob.
  • PDF BLOB in MS-SQL works in Acrobat 5.0 and fails in 6.0 - fixed.
  • Status bar for dual-horiz & Classic is incorrect - fixed.
Apr 2005
  • Native MySQL support is available upon request only. The installation is confusing users that do not place the MySQL.Data.Dll in the bin directory and ends up blowing up the entire DLL. Contact support if you want a version for the MySQLClient.
  • StatusBar indicator incorrect for dualhoriz and classic - fixed
  • MySQL page count not correct (1 less) - fixed
Mar 2005
  • Fix ExecuteCmd Type problem
  • DISTINCTROW TOP SQL build order incorrect causing DISTINCTROW to fail - fixed.
  • Embedded SQL0 nor working - fixed.
  • Use X.dbStartUp = "StickyEditAdd" for sticky.
  • Add Mode = "FormHeader=false" to suppress form labels.
  • IsNow(Format) does not work in Edit - fixed.
  • Detect causal ; at end of SQL to avoid SQL error.
  • Add new example to use Javascript to confirm edit action.
Jan 2005
  • Fix SP Parameters using different providers.
  • Fix SelectBoxForm in C#.
  • Fix Colgraph non-Rainbow user specified colors.
  • Fix Title not displayed in Tree from Code.
  • Implement EditMagicCell. C# only
  • Add 3 more skin to Free version
  • Grid Edit Criteria "&" and "and" typo - fixed.
  • Add .dbGridUpdateTemplate. Default is -> GridUpdateTemp = "<center>[[GridUpdate]]<BR>[[GridNav]]</center>";
  • Add .dbGridAddTemplate. Default is -> GridAddTemp = "<center>[[GridAdd]]<BR>[[GridNav]]</center>";
  • Filter status is not showing - fixed.
  • Column sort ends up with duplicate columns - fixed.
  • RONOUPDATE now can use RONOUP instead. Update query built using RONOUP was incorrect.
  • Correct some Calendar color key words.
  • Update RowEdit to use CSS buttons
  • Form code missing </td>.
  • Button Images lost in TVR becasue imagebutton is not saved.
  • Ted with no display page fails due to missing dbUnit - fixed.
  • stickeyeditadd typo - fixed.
  • Sitem SelBut not saved in Delete
  • MagicCell _SS fails when S=x ~ C=y and S+C > Length + 1 in MyMid - fixed.
  • Reload has no lastclick - fixed.
  • EditGridUPdateSQL not effective - fixed.
  • SelectedItem buttons fails after Login - Fixed.
  • Clear button clears all instead of local page - Fixed.
  • Add try/catch to GetData to arrest user error in trying to getdata before any ASPdb.Net action.
  • Logout button disappeared after log in due to incorrect "delete" SVAR - C# only - fixed
  • TestBlank forced OLEDB extended to SQLClient. (VB only - C# OK)
  • Modify selected item to eliminate HTML code in URL which fails in WS2003 default security setup.
  • Add Error trap for user to try to get data before any action to avoid crash.
  • SelectedItem internal programming passes HTML code in the URL resulting security violation especially in WS2003. "<" and ">" characters are now masked out of the URL and restored upon entry.
  • EditValidateName not implemented - done. See example in the Edit manual page.
  • Grid Edit MS-SQL Boolean field Mask not correct (on instead of 1) - fixed.
  • Implement Memo and Text field PopUp. See manual 'Special Topics - Memo and Text Popup'.
  • Apply same rules (application, global.asax and .mdb) to DSN in dbLogin. For example -> D=NWIND instead of D=NWIND.MDB.
  • TestBlank forced OLEDB extended to SQLClient.
  • Modify selected item to eliminate HTML code in URL which fails in WS2003 default security setup.
  • Enhance multiple edit SQL to allow uset o specify the delimiter as .dbEditAddSQL = (|;) sql1; sql2... USe must delcare this delimiter to override the internal chr(7) delimiter for grid add/update.
  • Memo <IMG overwritten by partial memo text - fixed
  • GridUpdate memo incorrect parse "," - fixed
  • EditValidatename Not implemented
  • GridUPdate and GridAdd Boolean did not use "on" and not BoolDrop value - fixed.
  • Add Mac=#poptext# to magiccell to pop the text.
  • Add dbPopText "WinProp| WinName| LinkText" for easy memo pop up. Can use IMG in LinkText 
  • dbSQLDateFormat = "#[MMM-dd-yyy]#" now can be MMM-dd-yyyy just like EditDateFormat.Both format accepted.
  • SQLClient execute not correct - fixed.
  • You must install SP3+ if you install SQL2000 in WS2003.
Dec 2004
  • EditGridUPdateSQL not effective in C# DLL - fixed.
  • SelectedItem buttons fails with dbLogin - fixed.
  • Add Error trap for user to try to get data before any action to avoid crash.
  • Logout button disappears after Login in C# only - fixed.
  • SelectedItem internal programming passes HTML code in the URL resulting security violation especially in WS2003. "<" and ">" characters are now masked out of the URL and restored upon entry.
  • EditValidateName not implemented - done. See example in the Edit manual page.
  • Grid Edit MSSQL Boolean field Mask not correct (on instead of 1) - fixed.
  • C# beta release. Obtain your password file Tornado-C#.id4 from support. The plan is to phase out the VB version by end of year as the C# version is a much more stable implementation.
  • Implement Memo and Text field PopUp. See manual 'Special Topics - Memo and Text Popup'.
  • Apply same rules (application, global.asax and .mdb) to DSN in dbLogin. For example -> D=NWIND instead of D=NWIND.MDB.
Aug 2004  
  • EditGridAdd is using default GridAddSQL - fixed.
  • Implement dbEditGridUpdateSQL and dbEditGridAddSQL .
  • New examples in - Edit 2 tables; Normal and Grid Edit; Dynalist.
  • Add dboptions = CloseStartUpAfterAction=true to suppress the StartupAction.
  • Blank input fields starts with a space - fixed.
  • Multiple blank Memo field will result in invalid edit cells with dup values from previous - fixed
  • Implement CS2004 via and a new css2004 dir.
  • Add MagicCell TN - T=TEXT will display <HREF text instead of an <IMG.
  • Clarify and fix dbstartup=filter and mode=filterstartup and mode=classic. See updated manual.
  • SortCol lost it value after redirected to another execute and then return - fixed.
  • Add EdidGridAddFlds.
  • Add [[Chart]] support to dual, grid and form mode. Just add [[chart]] to template and define the DBchart params.
  • Add template back to TED so user knows the system templates.
  • Add formatted text file support to the TED.
May 2004
  • Classic Delete try to tirm Null editflds - fixed.
  • Add dbOption = "CloseStarUpAfterAction. Suppress display of the action screen on the right side.
  • Embedded Grid has no class in header. Shows up in NameMap - fixed.
  • SuperGoto did not close DB upon no match - fixed.
  • Add SuperGotoFldWidth (sgtfw) default SIZE= 16 to control the siz of the goto box
  • Add WeekNumTitle="#" to fix NS popup calendar no show problem in some NS class browsers.
  • Add dbMemoFlds = "Field=xx| title=xx| raw=t/f" like classic. Supports only ONE field.
  • Response.Write(GD.Get_SelectBoxSelection(Unit)) returns extra character - fixed.
  • Implement gridupdate and gridadd Nav buttons. These can be used in conjunction with the normal ones.
  • recompile to rename namespace to tornado.z (lower case). C# users should use lower case.
  • Add dbOptions = "StickyInput = false" to turn off edit input value retention.
  • SP bool field not support booltext - fixed.
  • Menu Icon incorrect parsed - fixed.
  • Add Original EditUpdate and OriginalEditAddSQL to control changing Edit SQLs.
  • Upload file length > max detection not work - fixed.
Mar 2004  
  • NOHEAD in Multiple modules (second+ module) forgets the CSS directory from first module and uses dbImgeDir hence missing excel button etc. - fixed
  • MagicCell #field:Len:Format# - Format does not work in presence of Len - fixed.
  • GetData Get_Sbox Unit=? corrected. Was using SX =.  Now it is GD.Get_Sbox("Unit=?| Text=abc| Index=?") 
  • ID file now can be in \bin\ and not necessary to be in the effectivebindir.
  • Now, if user assign system dirs, it must be full path and system will not modify that to inject defaults.
  • UserQueryString variables lost when jump to another aspx program and back via back button - fixed
  • Holiday, exclude date now support  mm/dd or dd/mm depends on IsUSADateFormat.
  • User supplied ColSortSQL in not 'stuffed' correctly - fixed. See manual for explanation.
  • From Version 2.19 on. All DLLs includes ODBC and ORACLE.
  • SelectedItem style delete has bookmark problem and no reset correctly after delete.
  • New Skin Style - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, USA.
  • Template textanchor tag is "textanchor" or "tx"
  • Template OL list incorrect detection.
  • Add C syntax for magiccell check like !=, == etc.
  • Login user error message incorrect access - fixed.
  • FilterDropToggle button not accessible - fixed.
  • ORACLE date field has an extra quote in front of  TO-DATE - fixed.
  • Testblank table SQL="" then use BookMark - fixed.
  • Oracle date changed in DotNet, ODBC and OLEDB edit now splitted.
  • SQLClient now supported for edit. (was using oledb)
  • ASPdbBB style dotted borders removed.
  • Fix all installdir incorrect offsets.
  • Incorrect CountSQL in DB Tree. Deleted.
  • Edit Update edit template not cleared and stucked with the first criteria - fixed.
  • System Template cannot be modified by user - fixed. User needs to know the system dual display format (grid + edit etc...)
  • Sort arrow image dir incorrect when moved via installdir - fixed
  • ASPdbMenu does not honor NoHead - fixed.
  • A blank property entry will cause a skip of the ones following the blank.
  • Add MYSQL LIMIT  Offset, Row to select top.
  • MenuIcons has not installDir applied - fixed.
  • Text Calendar does not work in EditAdd startup - fixed.
  • Fix menu Font, pressed item etc user input override default values.
Feb 2004
  • Tornado now release version 1.1 for WS2003 and 1.0 for W2K and XP-Pro. WS2003 Framework 1.1 is not backwards compatible with 1.0.
  • CommonTables are now dynamic. That means, if dbCommonTables should change then it'll be re-processed as new. Another way to force a 'New' is to specify New=True in the property.
  • Fix Edit Lookup ROADD and ROUPDATE to display the lookup value but use original value when submitted.
  • XML grid transfer 'types' not registered correctly. This feature is illustrated in the Sort by Lookup values example.
  • Doc Report not work correctly in NS - fixed.
  • TreeData and TreeParam property keywords are case sensitive - fixed.
  • Make dbGridMagicCell name the same as dbMagicCell.
  • Make dbDBTyep name the same as dbType.
  • TornadoInfo bad license agreement link fixed.
  • dbAggregate explained in detail in on-line manual.
Jan 2004
  • Tornado 'Office' is discontinued and replaced by a FREE version. This FREE version is to promote the migration from Classic to DotNet. Customers with Tornado-OFFICE can upgrade one copy of OFFICE to Tornado-EP for Free.
  • Extend Edit CheckBox and Radio buttons to cover multiple values instead of T/F only. CB and CB2 mixed up also fixed.
  • dbErrorRedirectError has missing Unit - fixed.
  • TornadoInfo Maintenance expiration date display incorrect  - fixed.
  • SendMail set dbInvisible to true resulting invisible subsequent displays - fixed.
  • Add to Get_Sbox the INIT VALUE selected value parameter Get_Sbox("Unit | Text| Index) - See Doc.
  • Supply Initial values of selectbox to Get_SelectBoxSelection
  • Sbox Drop Value part is incorrect - fixed.
  • Make Edit title part of Form Table in Combo Edit. Add 'Title' param to editFlds. See Updated Doc.
  • Re-route all Edits (single, grid, update,add) to common calls in 'inputs retain' and 'user validate' (MyASPdbDll). User validate 'MyASPDB.Dll' release date is Q2 2004.
  • Implement DbType="CUSTOM"(See doc). User to control datasource byspecifying the date format, wrapper etc.
  • RowEditDelete does not work (missing SQL) - fixed.
  • StartUp=Filter does not reset upon a clean entry - Fixed
  • SuperBar #5 has invalid 'goto field' status - deleted.
  • Selectboxform and Sbox when new retains the old memory - fixed
  • Modify Selectboxform and Sbox PostBack to use existing Box data w/o re-build - much faster.
  • Sbox Macro and GetValue and Text value error if type is not defined - fixed.
  • Make function Get_FileNames public so it can be used by ASPX file.
  • SboxTag corrected. Add SBoxLabel to the left.
  • Use u.ReadFile and u.WriteFile without Unit will error - fixed.
  • Upgrade ASPdbDS(field_type) to allow the schema transfer and also modified to support sort/filter for lookups.
  • Missing unit number in edit values retention upon error.
  • Retain active Unit in Inactive test. Otherwise multiple module edit will not work because EditSQL is reset.
  • User input variable Session(file.aspx?Var=xxx) set to blank and is lost when passing from one module to the other - fixed
  • BrownBricks and BlueBricks Skin incorrect - Fixed.
Oct 2003
  • Includes Tornado_11.dll in Evaluation package for WS2003.
  • EditRecordScope property incorrect register variable - fixed.
  • TVS template redundant definition. DeletedbTVS="Template="; Use dbTVSTemplate.
  • TVS re-query fails due to carried over previous filterflds property - fixed.
  • Timeout detection unit not set correctly - fixed.
  • Edit RADIO setup with (RA instead of RADIO) incorrect - fixed.
  • MyInputFlds type must be uppercase. Now changed to support mix case.
  • Gd - global group delimiter incorrectly set to "". shoudl be ";"
  • SP cmd text delimiter incorrect  - fixed
  • DefaultURL (du) in menu does not work - fixed. Also, Now, FirstPage can use du. If url has "/". du will be by passed.
  • Simplify Type=CheckBox. Text=TEXT and Value is ignored
  • Fix RADIO, RA, CHECKBOX2 expansion.
  • Add ASPdbMyInputForm. This is a float release, not official yet.
  • Fix XML read row count and display
  • EMail attachment path can now be phy or vir
  • dsn="Name" -> add last test as name.mdb in /tornado/db. So only need to say dbDSN="Nwind". Last test = Nwid.MDB
  • tabmenu data file has space in the front.. system will trimmed it.
  • Fix dbRefresh int=? | url=?
  • Split2 now supports single entries with right side = "".
  • Release DorNet 1.1 version DLL only. The rest of the support files do not change.
Sep 2003
  • New Release, New Site, New features, New Live Demo.
  • Add UP5, UP6 to allow add rows before first  and after last tale row of Upload Table.
  • Add SelectBox drop list datasource from Global.asax as ->
    Public ListName as string = "1,2,3,4,5"for[[name]]<LI>dbMode=type=SBox!
  • Above add is to all edit and filter
  • If [[Num1-Num2-Inc]] then it is a number drop like years, day etc.\
  • Both mode did not retain the grid select pointer returning from form - fixed.
  • Add dbCommonFile=/tornado/ASPdbCommon.txt. This commnfile holds everything inform of <tag>...</tag>. It holds the selectbox drop list as <<list>>.
  • Detect SELECT TOP and then perform dbCountSQL="none"
  • Add title and button color to event calendar
  • Grid update add inherit grid index - fixed
  • Add ASPdbSearchFiles feature.
  • GD.Get_EDITSQL incorrect - fixed.
  • Add title_color and button_color to event calendar
  • Get_RSCount is incorrect  - fixed.
  • Selected Index row has wrong class SE (center align)
  • Indexed column and selectd column collide and class not changed - fixed
  • Visual tree data type=template has last leave missing target.
  • DB tree firing node supports only url - now supports all
  • SendReport ascii data file set to virtual, physical and remote.
  • Change Map to ASPdbUSMap
  • Add Logout button to apps when login is valid. Login ID now has no AutoComplete.
  • Reload is now isolated in mm=t modules.
  • Implement dbNoHead for moudles > 1 to work with multi modules.
  • Add Icon=Rainbow to dbColGraph. Also missing ext = '.gif'
  • dbSQL="TableName or [table name]"or (no space) = =  SELECT * FROM TabelName
  • Selectitem when qty = blank (second select) crash - master list shorter than slave list. Fixed.
  • Support TextHolder and Skinin ASPdbDS
  • When ni=none then stb=false in QP
  • Make dbDBType and DBType the same.
  • Fix Update with hidden=true and Bool field Def is ignored.
  • dbQP = "bot=DropTrue=1!DropFalse=0" is incorrect - fixed. 

Jul 2003

  • New - Tab Menu implemented
  • New - Upload Implemented
  • EP zip file has bad password in sample Nwind.mdb - fixed.
  • Modify EMAIL RE in validator to handle more generic address.
  • Suppot HH:MM ONLY as date entry.
  • Obj.dbRemoteURL = "URL1| URL2|...|ID=True " . Documentation has incorrect delimiter [;] instead of [|]. Also, a new option is added as ID=True. If this exists then an ID column will be added to the integrated csv with values of  1,2,..... where 1, 2 ... is the sequence of the source. This will provide user a tool to identify the source.
  • USMap <Href> does not work in NS7 -fixed
  • Add dbMapTitle
  • Login Box net centered in NS7.
  • TVS SP structure box has incorrect style in NS7.
  • ColGraph bar has incorrect stylein NS7.
  • Add product ID to tornadoinfo.
  • Add the file download option with forcedownload  Obj.ASPdbDownload(Optional Filedownload as string). See manual for properties. Also add downloadsave=true.
  • Report has incorrectly set all tags to lower case - fixed
  • Change Word Report field space character from _ to ~ as _ conflicts with fieldname.
  • Normal Download has an extra row at top - fixed
  • Previous release No-ODBC-ORACLE version is incorrect.
  • Record count after delete not correct  -fixed
  • Add ASPdbZen house skin
  • Add Type=Sbox to return the SelectBox only. If dbSQL="" and SboxMacro=(..,..,) the user macro is in effect. Returned value is the item value. See updated doc and example.
  • Fix missing Ver in GD.Get_License
  • Excel Download has double last record - fixed.

Jun 2003

  • Previous release No-ODBC-ORACLE version is incorrect.
  • Record count after delete not correct  -fixed
  • Add ASPdbZen house skin
  • Add Type=Sbox to return the SelectBox only. If dbSQL="" and SboxMacro=(..,..,) the user macro is in effect. Returned value is the item value. See updated doc and example.
  • Fix missing Ver in GD.Get_License
  • Excel Download has double last record - fixed.

May 2003

  • System and user Add checkbox use current record value. Should be blank (false)
  • DLL version number not registered  - fixed.
  • OPTS missing from send_template - Added.
  • Adjust TornadoInfo to delete Global.asax section for security reasons.
  • Missing dbeditrecordscope documentation
  • Change edit add email to honor hard code "to" addresses.
  • Change Edit Copy not to honor default date but copy existing date.
  • Add NegativeStackBar and Column Applet. Change all # to +ve and then use a -# dwell.
  • User index field IndexFld=? does not highlight row -> fixed.
  • Add new styles - Aspdb?? (house styles)
  • Change blanktext default to chr(160)
  • When bookmark has a blank field -> field='' incorrect - use dbeditallowzerolength to force conversion to 'field is null'. Also takes into account when blanktext<>""
  • Add dbNullText to separate between blanks and nulls to avoid datatype mismatch. Nulltext and blank text cannot be the same if bookmark includes the fields that have blanks and nulls.
  • Search Filter can now be [null] or [not null] disregard of the operator.

Apr 2003

  • Edit checkbox (CB) now honor DropBool values as defined in dbbooltext in addition to SB. See embedded example (SQL Bit field) in TED3.
  • Implement user design Login box. Use hoverbutton=false; customize your own login button images in images-net; assign skin="none"

    '... Custom Login template (plain)
    LT As String = "<table>

    <tr><td colspan=2>[[LoginTitle]]</td></tr><tr><td align=right>ID</td><td>
    <input type=text name='ASPdbLoginID' size=28>
    </td></tr><tr><td align=right>Password</td>
    <td><input type=password name='ASPdbLoginPassword' size=28></td></tr>
    <tr><td colspan=2 align=center>[[LoginButtons]]</td></tr>"

    Dim LOG1 As New Tornado.Z()
    With LOG1
    .dbUnit = "50"
    .dbSkin = "none"
    .dbButtonsOnOff = "hoverbutton=false"
    .dbLogin = "type=PoorMan|passfile=

    /bin/pass.txt,application1|titletxt=Tornado Login"
    .dbTextHolder = "BD=onLoad=

    'self.focus()'|Title=Tornado - Single Access Super Login"
    .dbLoginTemplate = LT
    Dim OK As Boolean = .ASPdbLogin
    If OK Then
    .dbMenuParams = "type=2|style=1,2,3,4,5,6| menudatafile=/tornado/DB/usit.txt| ClickSound=click| oversound=beep|width=110|height=22"
    End If

  • Put [[gridstat]] and [[gridnav]] back to ty=grid-chart becasue dbnavigationitem="none" can turn it off
  • Add CSS & Send header code to ASPdbLogin so it'll work properly when work as front end
  • Add Login Error for user to intercept
  • Add dblogin="helpbutton=false| forgetpasswordbutton=false
  • Separate display and edit drop T/F in dbBoolText -> (see embedded example - 'SQL Bit FIeld'  in TED3)

Mar 2003

  • Add Colgraph Rainbow color. When Icon=gif1;gif2... rainbow will activate  - see revised site Colgraph example.
  • Add 140 bgColor to magicTag class=colors
  • Edit Add textcalendar cannot have def=now(). Now Check and convert all now() defaults.
  • Email body format =0 incorrectly set to HTML.
  • dbDownloadflds not honored - fixed.
  • Document dbTextHolder="Downloadtitle" (Excel download only)
  • LargeDownload has no <HEAD> - fixed.
  • Add #[filed]# for HTMLEncode to enable storing HTML codes in record and then display.
  • Speed up Macro={Replace}
  • If SelectedItem macro include a blank item - results in a #160 preserving cell border and fails the selecteditems comparasion &nbsp; - fixed. User can also use a non "&nbsp;" dbBlankText value to fix this problem.
  • Add fetch bottom to SP . (RC=-1; PS=-1)
  • Amend OLEDB and SQLClient provider to fetch bottom if GridInc Or PageSize Or RSCount = -1
  • RC=0 does not work and always = -1 due to incorrect init - fixed
  • Add Get_LoginName to Getdata to get the name of the logger.
  • SP - SQLClient Datatype incorrectly retrieved - fixed.
  • Bundle SuperValidate with TextCalendar.
  • Create dbOptions="MagicTNInitFrame=width,height" to control init frame size of TN.
  • Edit fields with default dates blows up - fixed.
  • Create dbCalendar3 for Normal and Dairy Calendar
  • Mask UserQ with single quote and also in  #(field)#. DotNet URLencode is broken in ['] conversion.
  • Add Interval to ASPdbDBChart. No Start, Stop in Tornado.
  • Menu root cannot have 2 entries. Set target to _blank.
  • Fix Dynalist DSNs as individual for every level. Blank=default.
  • Error re-direct in U2.TMSG redirects before filter is cleared hence carries over bad filter- fixed.
  • Add [O]thers to Magic FIMG for complete support.
  • Enhance #Field:len:fmt". It can be Field:len (if isnumeric(len)=true) else field:Fmt
  • Change _SS format to Start, Chars and EndChar.
  • Change _TN [W] option to Left, Top.
  • Add code to allow fields to use textcalendar separately. That means, one field use TextCalendar and one not use it.
  • Enhanced ColGraph -> if MinMaxSQL = "auto" the it'll scan for min max. Not efficient but convenient. PageSize must = -1
  • Allow user to specify Icon virtual dir instead of hard code to dbImagedir.
  • Add user id and password to ACCESS as - file.mdb;id;pass
  • Oracle DSN="server;id;pass;user"
  • Add updatecancel check to grid edits.
  • Retain edit inputs and re-populate edit inputs for standard, user and grid edits in System, magic and superValidate. If edit fails then retain.
  • Take "server" out of user DSN detect - too easy to match.


Feb 2003

  • Add DSN in dbCommonTable SQL -> Index=a| SQL=Select .... From Table ~ DSN_Provider.
  • Change uneven drop size to sync to TextList.
  • dbDSN="MyServer; Pubs; sa; sa" will fail - white space not allowed - fixed and relaxed.
  • Selecteditem not trimmed resulting non-match and duplication 
  • User Edit template not check for Copy button- fixed.
  • Blank Memo fail to update due to 01.28 - fixed
  • MagicValidate NB, IS not working because comp must = dummy - fixed 
  • MagicValidate drop field missing _0, therefore not registered - fixed. 
  • MagicValidate error use FormNameMap value instead of fieldname. 
  • Discard GROUP BY during countsql construction.
  • ASPdbSP broken due to 1.07 edit hide fix - fixed
  • Edit Update field with blank has a space in it as &nbsp; - fixed.

Jan 2003

  • Dynalist Drop/value index incorrect with SQL - fixed.
  • Dynalist Dropbox does not retain value after select when using SQL lookup Value<>Text - fixed.
  • Dynalist shortcut Table + Field has incorrect string wrapper in numeric and string fields mix - fixed.
  • Add right wrap in case of datasource other than Access and SQL
  • Selected item with gridedit with startup=gridedit will not show selected items column upon return to grid.
  • If user Q319243 not installed then an empty cell will blow up ODBC.Net. Tornado catch this and set to blank. So no need to install this i fusing Tornado.
  • Sandwich and nested sandwich function is wrong when n > 1 and LE = RI
  • Change Delete lastclick to 'applydelete' when selectitem = true and delete = true
  • Implement ASPdbTree - menu file, memory and DB. See example in TED. Need new DLL plus associated class and icon files.
  • Add dbEditMagicCell (For RONO fields only) - grid or standard.
  • Edit criteria text with single quote not converted to double - fixed.
  • Add to doc dbOptions - ports and DBZ
  • Correct bug in short FLDS array causing ODBC blows up - set to 8.
  • MagicCell <<(math formula)>> with (..) will not work - fixed. Note with the new pre-programmed DotNet numeric format strings. The use of a different field wrapper # can be avoided.
  • Set VSB(sSitemSwitch)=false to prohibit Sitem display in GridEdit Startup.
  • Run the Compared value thru the Magic Filter. Now you can do like -> 
    .dbGridMagicCell =  "fi=2| mac=(#Budget#| GEN| #Expense#| | OK~#Budget#| LTN| #Expense#| | Over)"
  • New property - dbEmbeddedDSN for Embedded MagicCell SQL macro to draw records from an external source.
  • Edit Add _Def date when blank blows up - fixed - put all edit Cdate conversion in a try catch.
  • DotNet string format function has no > and <. Implement >=upper, <=lower, >1=Cap1 in Tornado format
  • Grid edit with hidden field carried over back to the grid as no show - extend FLDS (8) as "x" = hidden - fixed
  • Login in DB using SQL2000 with nchar returns string with padded spaces. Fixed by trinmimg password and email field.
  • Implement Memo field in Templates - [[0=memo::1=fieldname::2=Macro with ##field##]]
  • Change dbSilentCmd  back to dbSilentCmdText
  • Make DSN provide wrong dsn for edit delete when provider = SQL cause it is using OLEDB to connect -> fixed.
  • Multiple Silentcmds fails after first one because connection was set to nothing incorrectly after the first one. 
  • Trim dbSkin - otherwise trailing space will cause it to fail.
  • TF use incorrect VALUE values - should use pTrueVar instead. 0=false (1=true for SQL and others and -1 for ACCESS)
  • Add Custom CSS support. Update dbSkin Doc file. 
  • Detect ORACLE ORDER BY and not apply ROWNUM as it only works in 8i. So, retrieve all and takes TOP n if ORDER BY. Should have separate support for 8i and 8i- later on in beta 1.1 and after.
  • SuperGoto field if numeric and oper=SW will result in no match. Fixed as compare as string when oper=SW
  • Add id file name (.id2 or .id3) and allow CPU to tornadoinfo.
  • Add NOWRAP to grid header to stop sort arrows wrapping 
  • Remote data URL incorrectly mapped - fixed.
  • Fix Calendar missing properties - 0 mask, frame x y etc... 
  • Rowedit delete mixed with Regular Add have Add screen incorrectly displayed - fixed 
  • Update has incorrect test condition caused blow up - fixed 
  • Add dbInstallDir propety - def = "/". Need this to enable tornado base to be moved to dir other then /.
  • When Edit Date is blank the &nbsp; caused it to blow up - fixed
  • Double wrapper detection not applied to grid edit actions - fixed
  • RowEdit has no control of update / delete buttons via navigationitem - fixed.
  • Detect invalid sql and also fix dbsuppressmsg=true
  • Make DSN provide wrong dsn for edit delete when provider = SQL cause it is using OLEDB to connect - fixed
  • 2003 version begins - requires tornado.id3 file to work.

Oct 2002

  • Add dbOptions="Port=??". So, dbOptions=":81" will cause CSS <LINK...> to server:port. This is for folks using port:81.
  • Form mode + Delete does not work - fixed
  • dbNameMap blows up if no alias input - Noe if alias blank then = fieldname 
  • ClassicDelete SQL did not clear resulting delete first only.
  • Validator date test failed due to ASP.Net date format changes - fixed
  • Make dbLongDate=false as default. All the standard SQL date format will truncate time as default. This is a big change but doubt will affect too many users as mostpeople do not work with time. If they do , they can set dbLongDate=true.This change will streamline normal date operations in filter and edit and validate. Still, remember to set the editdateformat and also MagicCell macro to control display time format.
  • SuperGoto hits a Null and blows up - fixed
  • StartUpUpdate and Add not working - fixed
  • Get_RSCount in GetData does not work - fixed
  • Add Get_Unit
  • Add dbUnit="XXX_New". When unit ends with "_New" then module be processed as a new module. Testblank will execute as a result. This is a very clean way to pass parameters from master to slave.
  • Add GD.Get_ReturnCode(Unit). This property returns a code if any when exit from the module.
  • Add # of characters to Pre-programmed MagicCell. This will enable user to work with a field with a fix format .
  • Problem with "," and ";" in text fields - fixed
  • Make AddCopy non-sticky. Keep Copy button as toggle. 
  • dbButtonsOnOff="AddCopy=false" to hide the AddCopy button.
  • GridAdd and GridUpdate when executed one after the other will create double validate fields - fixed.
  • Allow dbApplet PARAM to have it's own single quote wrap.
  • Dual-horiz produces an extra <td> pair upon user tag - fixed
  • Side-by-side validator has fieldcount not cleared resulting in multiple definitions - fixed.
  • Default edit/filter date/numeric validation cause subsequent queries to fail - fixed
  • Add default date/numeric validation to Grid Update/Add.
  • Default Filter datatype error not the same as edit - fixed
  • MagivValidate Help file incorrect user specified box parameters handling.
  • Implement template file if  "file=" not exist then template = text
  • Edit Checkbox Input has double value like (on,1) causing mis-match sql - fixed.
  • GridEdit Radio does not work - fixed. (remember to specify "tex" and "val")
  • FormMagicCell caused spill over cell display - fixed
  • Testblank -Add has Cancel button taken away.
  • Hide Delete/Update button upon Row editbut leave Add intact.
  • Delete last record with selected pointer at last record will blow up - fixed
  • Add error message dbSQL="*" invalid - use dbTVS.
  • dbFormCols format incorrect - fixed
  • Add dbGridCols for Grid snake - No buttons yet - only use dbGridCol= x for now
  • Add Applet socket property and method - gold version only -  dbApplet and ASPdbMakeApplet
  • GridUpdate memo text single quote not replaced with double.
  • Validator Submit button do not submit to validator - fixed
  • Multi-module URL applied incorrectly - fixed
  • Supergoto URL has one too many parameters - fixed
  • RONO??? value is not displayed correctly
  • User Filter template SelectBox incorrectly attach T/F items - fixed
  • Update form snake example to include grid snake
  • Modules values like filter is not retained - fixed
  • Blanktest add mixed with update caused problem- fixed
  • Multiple buttons in Grid Edit in repeated edits - fixed
  • Use Grid Edit Hidden fieldnames results in invalid fields - fixed
  • TestBlank message deleted - take it into Action directly
  • Unspecified DownloadFlds <> All Flds - fixed
  • Add superbar style #5
  • Add TEXT support to Now()
  • MagicCell IsBlank (IB) fail to catch &nbsp; - fixed
  • XML read not working - fixed
  • Test BlankDB - Error URL not work -fixed
  • User parameters not handled correctly - fixed
  • DropDown now address radio (with none) and regular drop
  • Implement Now(Format) in ROUPDATE and RONOUPDATE

Sep 2002

  • Add dbMode="...| RowEdit=true" to match the Edit in every row feature of ASP-db.
  • Grid edit SQL and bookmark build is incorrect - fixed.
  • Add SuperBar style #5 (horizontal round buttons)
  • SQL with ORDER BY now supports sorting. Original ORDER BY cannot be changed and will not show in status bar.
  • Hidden edit fields incorrectly represented in SQL - fixed
  •  Filter Radio buttons fix - extra blank in first button
  • User Variable in URL conflict with ":" delimiter - fixed
  • SuperBar Type=3, 4 with auto color scheme.
  • Session safe test has good results.
  • SelectedItems enhancements - 
    * negative qty entries
  • New styles - medical (plain style), finance (plain style), grandprix (plain style), party (plain style)
  • New navigation panel (EP+) - dbSuperBar="Type=3". Very colorful.
  • Clear button 'submit' in NS4 (dangerous) - fixed. 

Aug 2002

  • SelectedItems enhancements - 
    * Select All now select all items with a Qty of one.
    * Clear all now will clear all the Selection on the active page
    * Changing QtyY will modify the same record and not add a new record
    * Click buttons w/o data will not result an error
    * Setting either Qty="" or 0 will delete the item.
  • _TN no show image N=... must have it's own extension. [E} will apply only to the regular images and that can be w/o ext. Problem reported by user as regular images has NO extension (gif) and NO-Show image has a different extension (jpg). This is the only way to resolve.
  • Document new SS (Substring) feature in _TN.
  • Update CountSQL doc to clarify DISTINCT in MS-SQL query cannot obtain records counts using a query - therefore, dbCountSQL="none" must be used. Looks like a bug to me cause it works in ORACLE and others.
  • MagicCell #field::hh mm tt# fails - fixed. Must bypass "Len" using a blank. See updated Doc. Incorrect passwords in EP and Office versions
  • Add [E]xt=imagefile extension to _TN.
  • SuperBar alignment missed by 2 pixels - fixed.
  • Major Release - sessionsafe version.
  • Add "Cappuccino" Style
  • dbSkin=Number offset by 1 - fixed
  • Filter with blank inputs = Reset (dbrecordset=-1 honored)
  • Row +/- incorrect EOF condition - fixed
  • Add dbAllCase="upper| lower| Cap1"
  • TVS now supports dbRecordCount = -1 as default
  • Adjust ShowAll (Reset Filter) rowcount according to the origianl dbRecordCount
  • Add QuickStart example to illustrate how to make Tornado works with dataset If full screen Add row is not completely filled then no action taken for that row. This is not perfect but will stop the error since user can put all kind of defaults in it. User shpuld put validation code there to prevent error.
  • Add "Air", "Sea", "Land" style.
  • Change default mode of dbRecordCount to -1 (fetch bottom). Now, total record count will be displayed. For large recordset display, disable this using dbRecoundCount=0
  • Tornado.GetData Format change. Must declare instance now in each session ->
    Dim GD As New Tornado.Getdata()
    Dim Sel() As String = GD.Get_DListLevelSelectedItem
  • Add Obj.dbErrorRedirect = "number=URL|..." property..
  • Fix Grid edit blow up.. index ASPDB_UPDATE_C_R (row index was incorrect set to 0)
  • Add "Brownbricks", "Bluebricks", "Albricks" styles
  • Enhance Supergoto and superbar to a new format. (db.SuperGotoFld=nameornumber). This default setting enables users to enter a prefix and then perform a goto. Add NO-ODBC-ORACLE version. User reported that many ISPs do not install these options.

Jul 2002

  • (123)-456-7777 update values got (123) stripped as parsevar think it is a (delimiter) - add a space internally to fix that.
  • Change all Filter/ResetFilter to Search/ShowAll. buttons. property will accept both.
  • Fix Login Syntax problem - Must specify the SMTPserver when load onto the deployment server.
  • Add new feature-  "trigger=add" to dbMail for auto email response.
  • Fix startup filter and browser backspace re-selection problem - fixed.
  • Display template not read - fixed
  • Add file IO error message for invalid template file to notify user about the misplaced file.
  • Sort arrows up/dn reversed in status bar - fixed
  • Intercept dbInitSortCol and add 1 to all numeric fields to emulate 0 base. 
  • Implement Classic to all modes.
  • Mode=dual-horiz is still valid but not DualHorizTemplate. Only ONE dual template now = DualTemplate
  • Validator and Calendar broken in normal edit mode - wrong edit flds assignment - fixed.
  • Odd names (space in name) not checked - fixed. Now only use [..] as wrapper.
  • User input multiple variable with character '&' mess up system querystring by cutting it off - fixed.
  • New feature - SuperBar. Bars will adjust color with dbSkin.
  • Culture Edit proven to be working fine in UK under a large Grid Edit application.
  • Did not set SelRecPTR = TopRecPTR in filter reset hence blow up when user hit next and then reset - fixed
  • All True / False now can be T | F or anything Cbool(valid) in QP only.
  • Add Pre-Programmed MagicCell functions
  • Add Gold feature _FIMG to Pre-Program MagicCell function.
  • Edit Hide flds messsed up - fixed
  • Fix namemap filter and sort
  • Add timeout detection
  • Change localtext to parse on demand.
  • Fix FIRSTTIME and NOTFIRSTTIME incorrect detection
  • Overhaul localtext replacement.
  • LookUp File never worked - fixed and also make it work with SQL and values at the same pass. No need to make separate entries.
  • TestBlankDB enhanced with exit URL
  • Able to add to a blank table now
  • All BoolYes fixed.

Jun 2002

  • Add Classic Mode
  • Extend Login - forgot, logout
  • Add TextHolder tag [BD] for body -> .dbTextHolder = "BD=onLoad="self.focus();"
  • TextHolder delimiters changed to (;|)
  • Add Ocean styles
  • Full screen HIDDEN edit fields shows incorrectly in Grid - Fixed
  • Add Filter ValidateName for JS validation
  • Change default downloadflds to Griddisplayflds
  • Download &nbsp; change to " "
  • Full screen edit blows up in stripping wrappers "," from Update flds - Fixed
  • Implement line up sorted fields to left in Show Grid
  • Grid Scroll buttons no show if navigationitems <> "" - Fixed
  • Make sort work for all grids related mode - not SP !
  • Modify Sort column to highlight sorted columns in using arrows. Add 4 images to each button set.
  • Filter assistant = false set operator to blank and should be 'CONTAIN'
  • Add darkmoon style
  • Implement Multi-fields sort. Now sort is Up| Dn| None(by clicking the exisitng order)
  • List separator implemented. Now set culture and CSV will read.
  • Blank filter + Go = blow up - Fixed
  • Text Comparasion color not correct - Fixed
May 2002
  • Large Download return button set to Program.aspx and not program.aspx?status becasue session might expire and cause error.
  • Embedded SQL MagicCell parsing error fixed
  • Add Excel download and direct download (Csv and Excel)
  • dbCSS is implemented. So far we have 3 styles - SummerMeadow (Default), BueSky and HoneyChocolate. We expect to accumulate about 10 styles before the official release. Essentially, you just specify the name or index of the preprogrammed styles and it'll be done. Cannot be easier. Now, your project does not have to be transferred to the DHTML artist ! Of course, user can make up their own CSS file or modify the existing ones.
Apr 2002
  • Do not use the dbCSSText as it is going to be replaced by a new fancy one. The existing doc is incorrect. The new one use 100% <Style>. We are making some standard sets of StyleSheets plus some "Panels" so the Tornado user can double up as an HTML artist.
  • Implemented the basic OracleClient. This one is the real thing this time. Going to be a lot of work and will be big. All the Oracle BLOBs are supported. We are also looking into after market drivers. Remember that you need the Oracle 8.17 server & Client piece. Download from Oracle.
  • Added the last USMap feature (see last 2 examples). No more features until beta is over.
  • Just a reminder - Tornado.dll name cannot be changed

Copyright 2003-2005. USIntertech, Inc.