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ASP-db - Oracle Review

Nick Matteucci, Partner & Co-Founder
VCS - Virtual Communication Services, LLC
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ASPdb is a Component Object Model (COM) application that greatly simplifies the typical interfacing that web application developers perform to display database information on their web sites. VCS uses ASPdb extensively in our Virtual Program Management Intranet (VPMi) application as it offers us a consistent, simple, and cost effective way to build our powerful Oracle driven project management suite of products. Any company or OEM web-based software provider can benefit from the easy to use, customizable, and powerful interface that ASPdb offers right out of the box.

First, a little more about ASPdb. ASPdb comes as a small (800k) dynamic link library (DLL) that is registered on a web server. The ASPdb DLL becomes the middleware between the active server pages (ASP) and the database. The databases supported are Oracle, Sequel Server, Sybase, DB2, Access, and many others. The database can be connected to the database through a variety of connection techniques. By having an encapsulated and compiled code base in memory on the web server, users are treated to dynamic, feature rich, and high performance web sites. Furthermore, you can setup standard files in your ASP scripts so that every page in your application not only has the same look, feel, and functionality, but the code can be boiled down to just a few pages. When you use these included object pages that contain your standards, you can change all the pages from one place. Furthermore, because the ASPdb DLL handles all the read, write, update, and delete features through configuration files, there is very little need for in depth testing.

Also, the ASPdb DLL takes care of the entire user interface. From a simple configuration file the ASPdb DLL dynamically designs and produces the edit capabilities, the add capabilities, the filtering screens, the detail screens, and all the buttons that relate these screens. To not have to design and build all these screens which saves developers dozens of hours per unit. If you want to customize these views, you can configure them to a great extent, or purchase the Gold version which works right within FrontPage 2000.

Another important feature of the ASPdb product has nothing to do with the product itself - service. The team of professionals and the support and documentation are second to none. For starters, the ASPdb web site has hundreds of live examples to get you started building dynamic feature rich web sites in just a few minutes. If you can't find the information in the documentation or in the examples - there is a threaded discussion database that is moderated by the developers themselves. Most of these support questions are answered within 24 hours - often with code examples and helpful hints to get users on their way.

ASPdb is more then just about service, it is one of the most powerful applications you will find. From the ability to display data, to the ability to produce graphs, emails, filters, and entire applications - ASPdb can not be beat for it's simplicity, flexibility, and power. At VCS, we are an On-Oracle certified provider that had to insure that accompanying products worked well with our application. ASPdb has worked flawlessly  from stored procedures to complex SQL with unions, ASPdb has proven itself time and time again. We have even built spreadsheet edit capabilities within the ASPdb DLL. For us to have built and tested all the ASP/ADO code from scratch would have taken years instead of months. For users only looking to build a simple application, often an afternoon is all that is needed to prototype and build the application. Users of ASPdb will find themselves designing and building applications with the ASPdb toolset, instead of using HTML because it is quicker to build the application then to design and build the HTML!

In conclusion, ASPdb is an easy, powerful, and cost effective way to build data driven web sites using a variety of databases. The ASPdb DLL is powerful enough to build digital networks and e-commerce applications and simple enough to extend existing databases right to the company web site or intranet. To see the ASPdb DLL in action on our application, see our web site at or to see the ASPdb component for yourselves, go to

Nick Matteucci
VCS - Virtual Communication Services, LLC
Partner & Co-Founder


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