ASP-db & ASP-dbDesigner Standard Paths Setup

The following is the recommended path setup for ASP-db. This setup is especially important as ASP-db involves many applet jar files. Whenever there is a missing parameter, ASP-db and Designer200x will attempt to use the paths within this setup. 

Note: Due to the fact that ASP-db uses Java applets which is by nature case sensitive. When using Java related features like charts, validator, dynamic, pay special attention to the directory and file name and make sure they match.


Physical Directory

Virtual Directory


e.g. d:\inetpub\wwwroot
http://localhost or
This is the home directory of your server.
Home directory of ASPdb
e.g. d:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspdb
This is the root directory of all ASP-db files.
e.g. d:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspdb\Jars
(Case sensitive for Java Applets)
Location of ASP-db java related files. 
Charts jar file (many)
e.g. d:\inetpub\wwwroot\_ScriptLibrary
Location of DynaList (Microsoft Remote Scripting) system files. Note that the sub-directory name _ScriptLibrary in non negotiable.
DLL installed directory retrieved via
GetSystemDirectory API call

e.g. d:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
  This is the directory where the ASPDB200x.DLL is installed by the installation program. This location is  important during the MTS registration of the component. Once registered by MTS, this file cannot be moved. 
ASP-db system image files
e.g. d:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspdb\images
http://localhost/aspdb/images This directory holds all the bitmaps used by ASP-db like buttons and icons. Do not mix this with your application images.
Designer2001 temp file directory retrieved via the GetSystemDirectory API call

e.g. d:\WINNT\SYSTEM32
  This file is used by Designer200x as a temp or scratch file. The temp file name is DES200x.TMP. During the operation of ASP-dbDesigner, all form data are written to this file. Upon a Save-File operation, this file is copied to the .DES file.
Home\ASPdb\Doc http://localhost/aspdb/Doc This directory is the root of all ASP-dbDesigner help files
Home\ASPdb\DataFile http://localhost/aspdb/DataFile This directory is for all the .DES and .ASP files generated by Designer2001. 
Home\ASPdb\Temp http://localhost/aspdb/Temp This directory holds the temp.asp file created by the Designer.
Home\ASPdb\ASP-db.Inc http://localhost/aspdb This is the location of the ASPdb.Inc file. By default is it installed at the ASPdb home directory.
Home\ASPdb\Misc   Stores misc. files like button templates