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dbUnit, dbMode, dbStartUp, dbColor, dbDebug, dbDisplay, dbFormCol, FormDisplayFlds, dbFormHideFlds, dbFormTableTag, dbGridTableTagdbGridCol, dbGridInc, dbGridIncMax, dbGrdiIndex, dbGridDisplayFlds, dbGridHideFlds, dbHeader, dbSelectBox, dbMemoTextSize, dbExportFlds, dbButtonAnchor, dbExpress

The Display form provides controls to customize the appearance of the Grid and Form.

Grid and Form Page title. This title is convinently translated to the dbUserLocalText property. 

There are three ways to start ASP-db : Normal grid or form, Filter mode or Edit Add mode.

This is the object name. Some prefer longer name like Mydb and some prefer a shorter one which is easier to read. Default is "X".

Unit is a fairly important feature of ASP-db. It isolates the data of a module to avoid mix up when multiple modules are executing. Refer to the documentation for more detail. Default is 999. It is strongly advise that user set this property accordingly.

All the modes of ASP-db are offered in this drop box. Default is "dual".

This is a read only box and showing what version of ASP-db is in action. The features that doesn't apply to the version will be disabled.

Menu Pos
This is the position of the Designer Menu bar. It can be Middle-Left, Upper-Left, Middle-Right and Upper-Right. Default is MR. This value can also be controlled via the Designer.exe command line.

Color 1-15. Default=4. 

Different level of debugging

Set dbDisplay=True/False. You can use the module to generate export data hence requires no display. Anexamle will be mudule #1 builds the database and export the columns to be plotted in by the chartting methods. Default=True

Set the transparant color mode of the dbColor property.

Hide Form
This set the dbFormDisplayFlds=-1 to suppress the display of the form.

Button Anchor
Toggles the dbButtonAnchor=True/False. This property generates the appropriate anchors for IE and Netscape. Default=True.


dbRecordCount - Read Recordcount and deposit result. If not blank then dbRecordCount will be set.

ASP Header Code
All code goes before the ASP-db Code.

Include Header
Include or exclude the ASP header code.

VStrip / HStrip
Set the horizontal and vertical grid strips to ligthgreen color.

Grid Table Tag / Form Table Tag
These HTML tags will be applied to the Grid and Form table. Example -> Border=1.

Grid Col / Form Col
Set the dbGridCol and dbFormCol properties. These two properties produce a snake effect in displaying grid and form columns. Default are both 1.

GridInc / GridIncMax
Set the value of dbGridInc and dbGridIncMax. Defaults are both 5. While dbGridInc=-1 means display the entire set up to dbGridIncMax rows. There is no "-1" option for dbGridIncMax and user must put in the ceiling value of the maximum rows to display. This would prevent the accidental display of 30,000 rows for example.

Grid Index
Set the boolean value of dbGridIndex. Default is True. Set to false will suppress the display of Index column of the grid.

Grid Col Sort
Set the boolean value of dbGridColSort. Set to false will disable the column sort feature. Default is True.

Grid Header
Set the boolean value of dbHeader. Set to false will suppress the display of grid header.

SB Rows
Number of rows in the select box

SB Title
Text that goes before the select box. 

SB Button Caption
Text on the Select button.  Def='Select'

SB Macro
Magic Cell macro to generate the content pf the cell.

Select Flds
This are the fields selected in the query of the connection form. The fields are available to the  GridDisplay and GridHide fields. This list box is capable of multiple selections.

Grid Display / Grid Hide Fields / Form Display / Form Hide Flds / Memo Display / Memo Hide
This buttons append the highlighted fields from the Selected Flds list box. To delete the fields, just highlight and hit delete.

Memo Size
Set the property value of dbMemoTextSize. "0" means display the word "Memo", "-1" displays the entire content and "n" display the first n characters of the memo.

Row / Col
Set the size of the Textarea where the memo is displayed.

Display Version
Setting this to true will display the ASP-db version at the bottom of the test code.

Show Exports
Display exported field. Copy the session variables into asp code.