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The SendMail Method has a single stand alone property - dbMail. If the From, To, Subject or Body text are not blank then the generated code will be for Obj.ASP-dbSendMail only. All other properties will not be registered.

General procedure to send mail using data from database -

  1. Make a template containing tags to be filled in by variables in step #3. Use only session variable tags as this is a stand alone type and not a form substitution template.
  2. Setup module #1 to extract data from a database. View and verify the data. 
  3. Export the required variables in session variables and save the module in the master pane.
  4. Make a SendMail module #2 and open a database to read the "From" addresses. Specify the "To" as the template file in #1. Append the SendMail module to master pane and execute the master pane.

See ASPdbSendMail for details