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This form sets all the path requirements for different activities and user must understand each entries thoroughly.

Setup Options - User
User controls all the input values.

Setup Options - Standard
After setting the Base Directories, ASP-db will fill in the rest. This option is highly recommended.

Setup Options - CmdLine
All the values will be retrieved from the Designer2000.exe command line entries.

Virtual Root Directory
This is the system IIS virtual directory.

Physical Root Directory
This is the corresponding physical directory of the Virtual Path.

ASPDB Base Directory
This should be the root directory for all ASP-db activities. This is especially important for Java Applets placement. 

CodeBase Virtual Directory
This is the CODEBASE tag in the charting Java applet. Set this to the virtual directory one level above the Jars directory.

Help Virtual URL /
This is virtual directory where the "doc" sub-directory is located. Check the checkbox will take you to the aspdb web site to get the latest. Free version of ASPDB should use this option to obtain documentation.

Preview URL
This is the virtual directory where the temp.asp file is located. This directory is used by the IE control to preview the ASP-db Code.

Physical Preview Directory
This is the corresponding physical directory of the above. These two entries are highlighted to indicate that when one is changed, the other must be changed.

DataFile Physical Dir
This is the physical directory of the .des files. A des file is a file which stores the ASP-db entries. Note that you cannot retrieve an .asp file into the Designer. You need to save al the entries in a .des file.

Template Physical Directory
This is the physical directory of the template files.

Image Dir
This is the dbImageDir.

ASPdb.Inc Dir
This is the location of the ASPdb.Inc file. The default is [.] means the current directory (of the temp.asp file). It is recommended to place a copy of ASPdb.Inc file in the virtual root at the same level of ASPDB. Default is /ASPDB/. Check the Exclude box to exclude the include file.

Magic 'Format Helper' Directory
This is the images directory of the Image format help as is useful in demonstration of an image database to locate the images.