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dbBoolText, dbBlankText, dbOptions, dbSendHead, dbCacheSize

This form generates the dbBoolText, dbBlankText, dbOptions, dbCacheSize, dbSendHead and other misc. properties.

Filter, Grid, Form, Update, Add 
This is the text (xxx) that goes into between <BODY xxx > for Grid, Form, Filter, Add, Update screens. 

This is the text (xxx) that goes into between <Head>  xxx </Head>. There are two special cases in the HEAD tag - Refresh and Charset.

Refresh Interval / RefreshURL
If these two entries are not blank then it'll construct the REFRESH heade tag.

If this entry is not blank then it'l be added to the <HEAD> tag. For example, set this to Big5 for the Chinese language.

This frame contains the parameters that replaces the boolean text.

Cell Display When True / Cell Display When False
Text displaced when value of cell is True or False in display of Grid and Form. OK to use image.

DropBox Display When True / DropBox Display When False
Text displaced when value of cell is True or False in Filter and Edit drop boxes. MUST be text and defaults to "True" or "False".

This text to displayed instead of blanks.

Divided by Zero replacement text when using <<Equation>>.

This radios offers choice of the Microsoft or the Oracle ODBC driver. Click this will change the DSN in the "Connection" form. Oracle's driver is a new release in 2000 and is faster.

Default cursor is 0. User this value accordingly. For example if cachesize > 1 and fields contain memo type, then cursor type must be > 0. When cursor >1 then the RS overhead will be imposed. 

Header / Cell Font Tag
Set the font of header <TH> and cell <TD>.

Nav Table / Font Tag
Set the navigation bar fonts.

ADO DataType
Reference table for ADO data types. This table is handy when specifying the data type in stored procedure with full parameters.

GotoFldIndex / PageButton
This list box will be filled by the actual display list less BLOBS and Memos. Select a field from the list will activate the "SuperGoto" function. This function will place a goto box in the navigation bar.

Format of the text in this "SuperGoto" box is -> =Rec +Page %Prefix. For example, =35 means goto ASPdbindex  35 (psuedo record); +3 means goto record 15 for a GridInc of 5. %Frank goto the record starts with 'Frank'. For a text navigation bar, the submit button text is "zGoPageText" and defaults to "Go". If dbNavigationIcon is in action then the default icon is Page.gif in the dbIMageDir. If the "PageButton" keyword is not blank then the icon file will be used. If the icon filename contains a "\" or "/",  then it is assumed that the user is specifying the physical or virtual directory and dbImageDIr will not be used. Remember that dbNavigationIcon="std" must be activated to use icons in the Navigation bar. Default = %Text.

Option Delimiter
Delimits dbOptions

Replace string for memo's paragraph mark (13/10) for HTML. Use <BR> or <HR>. 

Connect Timeout
Time allowed in seconds to create a connection.

Cmd Timeout
Time allowed in seconds for the Command to execute. (See ScriptTimeout also)

Script Timeoout
Set Server.ScriptTimeout values in seconds. This is the time server terminates the script due to long period of time without screen action. Use this value for long query also if CmdTimeOut is not effective.

Set ADO's RS.CacheSize. Default=1 as system. User can set this value accordingly. Do not set this value when fields contains memo and binary fields.

Export Blank
When exported field is blank, replace with this text. You have to specify RAW to get this (Field).

Local 000,
Thousands separator. Default is [,]. In Europe, [.] is used.

Export Magic
Export the MagicCell value instead of Raw value.

Download LookUp
Perform Lookup in download if dbDisplayLookupList<>Blank.

Sort Toggle
Enable/disable grid column sort toggle.

Magic LookUp
Perform lookups in MagicCell macros.

dbSQL is checked for blank (EOF) and exits if true.

Memo Download
Set whether memo is included in a download.

Set Initial grid sort order to DESC order. Default is ASC.

Center the display automatically.

Response Buffer
Size of ASPDB internal Response.write buffer (bytes). This buffer collects response.write strings hence eliminating trips to the server. This feature is supposed to be a standard feature of IIS int the future. When that happens, this parameter will be eliminated.

Keep User Query
If set to true then the variables in user supplied querystring like Program.asp?Var1=1&Var2=2 will be carried over to every ASPdb screen repainting operations. 

This switch when set to true will discard user SQL's ORDER BY criteria and insert the ASPDB's sort ORDER BY criteria which is selectable by user at runtime.

Clear all the fields and restore their defaults.