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dbNavigation, dbNavigationItem, dbNavigationIcon, dbNavigationBreak, dbCustomButtons

Select dbNavBookMark. Go from Grid to Form accurately using this bookmark.

User Defined Buttons (8 Max)
This is the custom button frame. Beside the items within this frame, the ALT item also applies to the custom buttons.

Button Text
This entry should be filled in either as the text of the custom button or the button  name appended to the Buttons drop down box.

Custom Icon Filename
If this entry is not blank then the button will be an icon instead. The filename is assumed to be in the dbImageDir.

Delimits the dbCustomButtons property.

HREF Event
This is the HREF part of the custom button including the event if any. Do not include the "<HREF=" part of the syntax. 

Std Icons
When checked will use icons for all buttons instead of text.

Status Bar
Toggles the status bar display.

When checked, will place a break after the button in the list. Break is used when there are too many buttons and need to split into multiple rows.

Button name including standard and custom buttons. When a custom button is created via the , the name of the custom button (Button Text) will be appended to this list. Selecting an existing button will cause the parameters to be retrieved from the property panel.

Specifies the position of the navigation bar - TOP, BOTTOM, BOTH or NONE.

Event Delimiter
Delimits the standard button event in the "Std Event" box.

Std Event
This is the event of the standard button.

This applies to all buttons and is the value between the [..] of the dbNavigationItem property.

Generated the property panel. Appends the button name to the "Buttons" dropbox if any.

Restore the default set of standard buttons.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the property panel.