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dbNameMap, dbFormNameMap

This form generates the two properties for Grid and Form Namemap. Using Namemap will avoid the custom code to accomplish the same effect in various databases hence the application will be more portable. The appearance is also controllable via the Cell tag.

Field Name / AliasName
This list box is filled with the actual display field names. If an alias is used then instead of selecting the Field Name, use the AliasName to override that.

Grid / Form
This radio button selects the grid or form namemaps to be generated. Each of them has it own property panel buffer.

This is the mapped name displayed. in lieu of the actual name in the database.

Cell Tag
The html code to be inserted into the <TH > tag for the column title header cell. SPAN tag is often used to span the Mapped Name across multiple cells.

Formula (CalcFieldExp)
This optional parameter defines the calculated expression of the field. This parameter is required for the filtering and editing criteria. See following case study examples. Note that the formula field must provide the appropriate wrappers for the alias fields [MS] (ORACLE) etc..

Delimits the property's group and field.

Generate the dbNameMap properties. There is no need to erase the panel for modifications.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the property panel.