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When the selected fields in the Connection form contains is of BLOB type (72, 128, 204, 205). These fields will be placed in the "BLOB Flds" list box of this form automatically. Start building the dbBLOB properties by selecting the "BLOB Flds" and fill in the keywords.

BLOB Field
FieldNameOrNumber is the Database’s field that is of  BLOB type (72, 128, 204, 205). These fields are extracted from the actual display list.

Context Type
The HTML context type (image/jpg, image/bmp, image/gif, application/msexcel etc.)  These can be found in your browser’s “Helper Apps”). 

Replacement Text
This text will be displayed when Linked images are used instead of in-line images.

BLOB Offset
Every database implements BLOBs differently. When binary objects are stored in the data field with an attached header, you must determine how many bytes (if any) are delivered in front of the actual binary data.  Some examples are:

Set Offset to –1 if hyper linking is not desired. In this case, the image will be displayed “in-line”.

Width / Height
WIDTH and HEIGHT tags within the IMG tag.

Generates the dbBLOB property.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the properties panel.