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dbMagicCell, dbFormMagicCell, dbAggMagicCell

MagicCell© transforms the value of a cell according to a set of logical rules or simply by macro substitution. This form simplifies the properties construction by arranging the values in an sentence like format ->

Display [The Cell] as [Macro] with the [TD Cell Tag]
and optionally 
perform this transformation if [a field or its Macro] is logically compared to a value in 16 ways [OPERators]. Also perform this logical operation according to the specified [Data Type]

Magic Field
Select a field to be processed by the MagicCell filter. This field list is the actual display list.

Display Macro / {Replace_This_1 + With_This_1 + Replace_This_2 + With_This_2 + ...}
Display macro according to the formatting rules and functions. A new addition to the function is a Replace function where the to-be-replaced values and the replace-values pairs are to be wrapped within a delimiters - default is {..+..}. The following example replace all the "BA " in he memo field to a bolded "Bachelor of Arts ". Note that the trailing spaces are honored. Note that if more than one replacement is desired, just keep going  like {R1+W1+R2+W2+R3+W3} where R? is replace this text and W? is with this text. If one of the paired item is blank then the replacing action will terminate. To replace with a blank, use a double single quote [''] and not an actual blank which would instead terminate the scan.

Format / Equation
Toggle which helper to activate - General MagicCell [formats] or <<Equation operators>>.

In conjunction to the cell transformation, the <TD> tag can also be set to provide additional effects.

Extended Magic Cell
This group of values apply to the Extended MagicCell©. While the standard MagicCell© transform the cell to another value, the Extended MagicCell© transform the cell to different values under difference conditions. The If-Then-else like format of Extended MagicCell© is ->

Display [Field] according to [Macro-1] if the comparison of [Field Value Macro-1] [OPERator-1] [Compare Value-1] is True
elseif Display [Field] according to [Macro-2] if the comparison of [Field Value Macro-2] [OPERator-2] [Compare Value-2] is True
else Display [Field] according to [Macro-n] 

Field Value Macro
This is the macro which makes up the left side of the logical comparison. For example - #2# means the second field; #FirstName# #LastName# means the concatenation of the fields FirstName and LastName separated by a space.

Refer to the dbMagicCell property syntax for the details of the Operators. There are 16 primary OPER tags and each one can have up to 3 variations to provide accurate comparison - String, Number and Date. When the type is specified, the value will be cast to the type during comparison.

Compare Value
This is the constant on the right side of the logical comparison. Make sure you specify the correct type for comparison as the default is String. For example - 11 > 2 and "2" > "11".

Compare Field Type
Compared values will be casted to these types - String, Number and Date.

(;,[]#|~/+{}) Default delimiters.(;)=Group (,)=Field ([])=Format brackets (#)=MagicMacro Wrapper (|)=Extended Field (~)=Extended MagicGroup (/)=In Set Delimiter (+)=Replace left/right separator ({})=Replace function wrapper.
With the wide coverage of formats provided by the MagicCell©, use these delimiter carefully to avoid data character conflict.

If value is numeric, multiplier it by this multiplier if not blank.

Use this field as Index in lieu of standard index. 

Index Anchor
Include anchor when Index is activated

The property panel of each of these selections is stored in it's own buffer. Selecting a specify property will retrieve the property panel. However, unlike some of the other forms, the individual entries will be populated from the property panel because this property panel has a  many to one relationship. When the AggMagicCell selection is made, the button will be visible. Clicking this button will send the property panel to the Aggregate form's MagicCell panel. In this case, the MagicCell form is merely a borrowed tool to generate the MagicCell for the dbAggMagicCell property. 

Note: When AggMagicCell is selected the MagicField in the property panel must be an index and not a fieldname.

This button when click will build the property panel from the above entries. Note that the regular "Replace or Add" automatic detect is not offered in this form as XMagicCells have duplicated entries and is hence impossible to determine whether the modification is a new condition or a replacement.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the property panel.