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LookUp has a new format which is a mix of the two old formats. The old specification allowed lookup source to be only either from the DB or User List source. The new improved format allows a mix of both. This form will produce the new format in a very easy manner.

LookUp Fields - DB / User
This radio button sets the Lookup format as from DB or User List. One of the two frames will be disabled.

LookUp Fields - Fields
This listbox is filled with the actual displayed fields set by the connection and display forms. These fields are the lookup key. If there is an entry already in the property panel, the values will be retrieved and populated for editing.

LookUp Source Table - Tables
This is the tables of the connection available to be looked up.

LookUp Source Table - Fields
This are the fields within the selected source table.

LookUp from database
This frame will be enabled when the DB radio button is selected.

Connect String
This is the connect string to the lookup table to obtain the lookup values.

This is the SQL query to obtain the lookup values. It should have a format like -> SELECT KEY, LOOKUPVALUE from LOOKUPTABLE.

LookUP from user data
This frame will be enabled when the User radio button is selected.

Delimites the two formats (; = default Groups delimiter. | = default fields delimiter. + = default dbDat delimiter)

Caption of this button will toggle as DB or User DisplayLookUpList depending on the radio selection. Both the DB and User properties will be generated accordingly. There is no need to delete the entries in the panel as duplicated entries will be replaced and new entries will be appended.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the property panel.