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dbFilterFlds, dbFilterHideFlds, dbFilterParams, dbFilterOnEntry, dbButtonsOnOff

Title / CH3
Filter form title - default = Center and <H3>

Selected Flds 
This list is the actual display list excluding the hide and binary fields. Select the fields and click the button to select the filter fields or just double click the Selected Fields. 

Filter Fields
Fields selected for filtering. Select and use Vscroller to change position or double click to delete.

Field Default Value
This frame will only be visible after the dbFilteflds panel is generated via the button. Select a field name from the Filter Fields list box, enter the default value and hit to register the default value.

Filter ParamDelimiter
Delimits the dbFilterFlds property. "[]" is the delimiter of the defaults.

Fields Delimiter
Delimits the dbFilterParams property.

Input Size
Size of the Input boxes.

User RS Filter
Instead of constructing an SQL statement to perform filtering the very limited ADO Recorset.filter will be used. This option should only be used under the circumstances of an uncontrollable SQL source like a Stored Procedure output. 

Toggles the default system help section.

Toggles the default system help assistant section.

Drop Button
Control the display of the "Drop" button.

Select the default filter operator. Default is "CONTAINS" (LIKE '%string%'). The options are - STARTS (LIKE '%string') and EXACTLY ( = 'string').

Select the default criteria connector. Default is AND.

Filter Table Tag
Table tags for the filter screen.

Text Before Table
This text will be place between the <FORM> and the <TABLE> tag of the filter screen.

Click this button to generate the dbFilterFlds. After it si generated, the field default will be visible. 

Filter On Entry
This filter will be AND'd onto the existing SQL upon entry if there is already a criteria or not. Filter/ResetFilter buttons are not set automatically to provide user complete control of records display.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the properties panel.