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dbEditDropFlds, dbFilterDropFlds

Drop Fields
This list is the actual display list excluding the hide, memo and binary fields. Select the fields one at a time that need to be  a drop down field. With this selection the "AddFilterDrop Fields" or "AddEditDrop Fields"  button will not be effective. The radio buttons toggles the generated property to be either the Edit and Filter property. Both Filter and Edit dropdown properties has it's own buffer such that you can work with both of them in an alternative manner. When the Radio button is clicked, the proper set of data will be retrieved and populated.

Active TableName
This entry corresponds to the single field name and is the simplest way to create a drop down. It selects one of the field in the active table and use it as a drop list. This simple setup will be override by the  full criteria box. 

Paired User Data or Single Fieldname from active table

When this entry is filled with a single fieldname, the drop down setup will be SELECT Single_Fieldname FROM Active_TABLE. Besides reading the drop down values from a database, user can input hard coded values to be used for drop down. If the input are single values separated by "/" which is the default delimiter for single, the list will be used for dropdown display. If the user data are in a paired form delimited by "|", then it is a lookup pair where the left value will be submitted and the right value will be displayed. Click the "Special/State" or "Month" to see how it is done. For example if User Data=One/Two/Three/Four/Five Six then the dropdown list will be as follows -

Connecting String
The data source of the table supplying the dropdowns can be specified. If left blank, then the existing connection will be used.

This SQL statement is the most important part of the dropdown. If it contains a single field then the values will be used for both display and submit. If it contains two fields then the RS(0) will be submitted and RS(1) will be displayed.

If a Size value exists in this box, then instead of a single row dropdown combo box, it'll be a list box of DSize rows.

A few samples of user data. Make a selection to place the data in the User Date box.

;=Group ,=Field /=User +=dat |=Manual two part drop (MI|Michigan/AZ|Arizona)

Add a Null to the list. Default is false.

Drop list contains no blank selection. Default=false.

Depends on the  selection of the , clicking this button will construct the appropriate property.

Left click to clear the above fields and right clear will clear the Add Filter/Edit Drop panel.