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ASP-db Designer is an ASP-db code generator running as a stand alone .exe file in the local client . In addition to providing the correct ASP-db syntax, it can combine with other ASP code to create a very powerful fast prototype. An integrated IE web browser control executes the generated ASP code to simulate a WYSIWYG environment. Other browsers can also execute this generated code by going to the URL ( where the generated ASP code resides (c:\inetpub\wwwroot\aspdb\temp). This scenario is similar to remote debugging where the consultant is using ASP-dbDesigner to creating a solution where the client can see the real time solution in a remote site. While ASP-db is known for its speed in generating web databases solutions, the Designer manage to accomplish the same effect in a fraction of the time. With the new batch of advanced features, the total number of properties and methods of ASP-db grows to about 350+. ASP-dbDesigner is becoming an important  part of ASPDB and will be made available to all paid versions of ASP-db with a maintenance contract.

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What New ?

Designer has been re-worked to provide a better interface and consume less memory such that it'll work better with W98. There is also a temp file/buffer to retain the work in action and unless it is cleared, it'll restore the current  parameters. That means you can log off from the Designer and the next time you fire it back up, the previous work will be restored. The old DES file format is NOT compatible with Designer2001 !! If you experience that Designer2001 is trying to read an old format and gives a "Bad file" error, you can start the Designer2001 by using a command parameter "safeload" like Designer2001.exe safeload. This would clear up the old buffer and start fresh. 

ASP-db and Designer is finally going International after several months of intense debugging with users in Europe and Asia.  ASP-db now works in both "browser" and "Designer" mode depending on the browser and O/S setup. Both Local and US version of NT & W2000 are also supported.