This property uses an SQL statement to test whether the DB is blank. Returns 0 or >0 records. If this property is not blank then the SQL is used to test for blank DB during every entry. If blank is detected then dbStartup=EditAdd is set. This property doesn't cover the delete of the last record. However, when the last record (possible filter) is deleted then a no record found will display. Upon hitting the reset button, program will re-enter, blank DB will be detected and dbStartup=EditAdd will activated. The SQL is supposed to return records and not recordcount like count(*). If DB is ACCESS or FOXPRO, use the associated TOP Clause like -> SELECT TOP 1 EmployeeID FROM Employees.
Do not use time consuming queries like SELECT * FROM table.
if X.dbOptions="IsDBBlank=True" (def=false) then program will exit with session variable
session("SV_BlankDB_Unit") set to true.  

Property Syntax

Obj.dbTestBlankSQL = "SQL statement"




SQL statement A simple SQL statement to test the blank DB. Do not use complicated statement.


See Case Study #26