ASP-db Templates programming - Level 1

ASPdb Level 1 template is a template in replacing the 5 actions - Add, Update, Delete, Filter and Form. When on of these "actions" are being called for, the template will kick in and replace the display. The template is an ASCII file with tags embedded a pairs of [[....]] wrappers. A rich set of options enables the user to manipulate the contents.

Refer to the following for more details -

    Introduction to Templates for more details
    Case Study #32 - Multiple MagicLayout Objects Template

Property Syntax

Obj.dbEditAddTemplate="Template File Name"
Obj.dbEditDeleteTemplate="Template File Name"
Obj.dbEditUpdateTemplate="Template File Name"
Obj.dbFilterTemplate="Template File Name"
Obj.dbFormTemplate="Template File Name"




Template File Name Physical path of the template file. If the name has no path attached (\), then it is assumed that the file is in the same directory as the asp file. The "PATH_TRANSLATED" server variable will be used to get the physical location of the file. If the name has attached path (\) then it'll be used as is.