dbSelectedItem | dbSelectedItemMacro

Setup for a special grid index column as checkboxes. The items checked can be retrieved via the dbSelectItem read property. 

There are two properties to perform “shopping cart” type applications.

1.  X.dbSelectedItemMacro=(;,)Fld String Macro,Qty_T/F,Column_Caption,Input_Size, AuxButtons

Fld string macro = Export string with embedded field raw values.  
            QtyT/F = Qty column next to CheckBox (True/False) Def=True
            Column_Caption  = Caption for QtyT/F Def="Qty"
            Input_Size = SIZE of the input box    Def=5
            AuxButtons = Show the Clearall (c) and Checkall (x) buttons.

e.g. ”#1# #field2#“ would export field 1 and 2 separated by a space.

2. dbSelectedItem(Optional delimiter As String)  'Two cases

delimiter is the user preferred single character delimiter

case 1 :  MyString=dbSelectedItem("+")     

Returns a string is returned with the "+" as delimiter

It is recommended that the single delimiter character should be a non-displayable character. If omitted, then chr(1) will be  used.

case 2 :  MyArray=dbSelectedItem("array,+")     

Returns an array holding the selections  is returned with the "+" as delimiter.  
Do not try to dimension MyArray. Check out example ->


This special export is enabled ONLY if the dbSelectedItemMacro is not blank. Note that the regular Index “#” header is replaced by a “Select” button. Whenever a choice is made, the “Select” button must be clicked to submit the changes. Checking and unchecking the checkbox(s) are both considered as changes. Once the record is checked, the check will stick to the record even after a sort. One way to reset the checkboxes is to “Reload”. Checkout the get property X.dbSelectedItem.  

Property Syntax

Property Syntax Description
dbSelectItem(delimiter)    This read property retrieves the Selected Items onto a string delimited by the optional delimiter. The default delimiter is chr(1). User can then extract the items off this string for further processing.
dbSelectItemMacro MagicCellMacro String Define the Selected items format according to the MagicCell macro.


<!-- #include File=AspDB.Inc -->
Set X= Server.CreateObject("ASP.DB")
X.dbUnit = 1
SQL="SELECT Customers.CustomerID, CompanyName, OrderID FROM Customers "
SQL=SQL & "LEFT JOIN Orders ON Customers.CustomerID = Orders.CustomerID "
X.dbSelectedItemMacro="#0# #2#" 
X.dbUserLocalText=zSelect & ",Order"
response.write("<Center><B>My Selected Items are =" & X.dbSelectedItem("+") & "</B></Center>")