dbQuickProps is a properties packed with the most commonly used properties. Properties set in dbQuickProps are override by individual properties if both properties exists in the same module. 

Property Syntax

Obj.dbQuickProps=(;,)dbUnit; dbDSN or dbmdb; Tablename; dbMode; dbColor; dbNavigationIcon; dbImageDir; dbDBType; dbGridInc; dbGridCol; dbFormCols; dbDisplay; dbStatusBar



Deafult Value


(;,)   User defined Group and field delimiter. Defaults to ";" and ","
dbUnit 999 dbUnit. Different modules MUST have different units. Otherwise, variables will be contaminated. This is the #1 most common problem when programming ASPDB.
dbDSN   dbDSN or dbmdb.
Tablename SELECT * FROM Tableanme TableName. If not blank then SQL=SELECT * FROM Tablename. If Tablename contains spaces then it'll be wrapped by a pair of double quotes.
dbMode Dual dbMode.
dbColor 4,Auto dbColor.
dbNavigationIcon std dbNavigationIcon.
dbImageDir Current directory dbImageDir.
dbDBType ACCESS dbDBType.
dbGridInc dbGridIncMax dbGridInc. 
dbGridCol 1 dbGridCol.
dbFormCol 1 dbFormCol.
dbDisplay True dbDisplay. 
dbStatusBar True dbStatusBar.


X.dbQuickProps= "1; NWIND;; Grid;;;;;1000;;;false;false"
X.dbQuickProps="(/,)1/DSN=oracle8; uid=demo; pwd=demo/sales/dual-horiz/4,auto/std/images_dir/ORACLE/1/1"