dbOptions packs a lot of sub-properties into one property. Remember to check for delimiter conflicts. Parameters are not case sensitive. Group delimiters have no effect. 

Property Syntax

Obj.dbOptions="(;,)Parameter List"



Default Value


(;,) (;,) The group and field delimiter is important in this property due to the variety types of value in this list. For example, if the LocalDecimal=, (euro decimal is a comma) is used then the delimiter has to be adjusted.
AutoCleanUp True When set to false, the CleanUp action of templates are disabled. That means, user are responsible for executing dbCleanUp to reclaim the session variables. The consequences of not cleaning up the Svars will be it'll stay in memory until the session is timed out (20 minutes).
BodyTag none Tags going into the <BODY....> Format=Prefix1::Tag1~Prefix2::Tag2
Tags Prefix- None=All; Grid; Form; Filter; Add; Update.
This option is not effective with the Validator.
Not implemented yet !!
CellFontTag None <Font ....> Tag for grid Cell. (No Color Tag as it is addressed in dbColor)
CmdTimeOut 30 Time allowed in seconds for the Command to execute. (See ScriptTimeout also)
ConnTimeOut 15 Time allowed in seconds to create a connection.
DateFormat For Oracle-

For SyBase-



For FoxPro

Convert the input date according to the format string to be used by SQL. Note that you should input the date according to your locale (like in Europe, you input DD/MM/YY) and not mix up with the MagicCell Format in which is the display format. This property is essentially for Oracle and SYBASE which demands a default string format in SQL without using TO_DATE conversion. See ORACLE discussion. If the DBType is specified, there is no need to specify the DateFormat. This format also applies to filter. Export Date Fields will conform to the format inside the [...] tag instead of the entire tag. In English, it says - The date value in the edit/filter form will be formatted according to the format inside the [...] tag. The [...] tag will then be replaced by the newly formatted date value. After that it'll be formatted according to the entire DateFormat tag including the correct date wrapper and then submitted to the filter and edit SQL statement.
DownloadLookup False Perform Lookup in download if dbDisplayLookupList<>Blank.
DropCriteriaEasyText True Adjust the Date field  wrapper to either (') or (#) depends on dbDBType. Adjust (*) to (%) for SQL criteria.
ExitOnBlankDB False dbSQL is checked fo blank (EOF). IF it is blank then it exits
ExportBlank Blank When exported field is blank, replace with this text. In Enterprise and Y2K versions, you have to specify RAW to get this (Field).
ExportMagic False Export the MagicCell value instead of Raw value.
Heading (Pro Only) None Display heading. Enterprise and above version use the UserLocalText.
GridInitSortDESC False Set Initial grid sort order to DESC order. Default is ASC
HeaderFontTag None <Font ....> Tag for header <TH..>grid Cell.
HoverButton  False Activates the Hoover buttons of the navigation bar. The NavigationIcon must be defined and also ImageDir must point to a directory with the tri state buttons. /aspdb/images-2002 is provided in the 2002 package containing all the new buttons.
KeepUserQueryString (2K) False If set to true then the variables in user supplied querystring like Program.asp?Var1=1&Var2=2 will be carried over to every ASPdb screen repainting operations. 
KeepUserORDERBY False This switch when set to true will discard user SQL's ORDER BY criteria and insert the ASPDB's sort ORDER BY criteria which is selectable by user at runtime.
LocalDecimal None Number decimal character. For Euro, it is a comma (,). All LocalDecimal will be replace with (.) in edit.
MagicLookp True Perform lookups in MagicCell macros.
MemoDownload True Set whether memo is included in a download.
MemoParagraph None Replace string for memo's paragraph mark (13/10) for HTML. Use <BR> or <HR>. 
NavFontTag FACE="Arial,Helvetica SIZE=2" Set font tags of navigation text buttons. This font is also used for status.
NavGotoFldIndex Field Number This is the field number used to perform the SuperGoto. If this keyword is not blank, a super goto box will be added t the navigation bar. Checkout GotoFldIndex in the Designer doc for more details.
NavTableTag "cellspacing=2 cellpadding=1 border=0" User defined table tag to control the appearance of the navigation buttons. Setting border to 1 will put border around the buttons as favored by many users.
Resbuffer 512 Size of ASPDB internal Response.write buffer (bytes). This buffer collects response.write strings hence eliminating trips to the server. This feature is supposed to be a standard feature of future IIS. When that happens, this parameter will be eliminated.
SBFORMWrap True  
ScriptTimeOut 90 Set Server.ScriptTimeout values in seconds. This is the time server terminates the script due to long period of time without screen action. Use this value for long query also if CmdTimeOut is not effective.
SelectTop True Retrieve the exact amount of records for display. SELECT TOP is used for ACCESS and MaxRecords is used for SQL type DB. This is a perform key and do not set to false unless absolutely necessary. When set to false, the entire DB will be retrieved.
SortToggle True Set to false to disable grid column sort toggle which is not desirable in some applications.
IconColHeader Blank Place text in Header Cell of Icon Col when the Edit Icons shows



X.dbOptions="NavTableTag=cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=1"
Mydb.dbOptions="HeaderFontTag=Face=Tohoma Size=1,CellFontTag=Face=Arial Size=1" 

Oracle.dbOptions="CellFontTag=Size=1, HeaderFontTag=size=1"
X.dbOptions="(;|)ResBuffer=1028| LocalDecimal=,"

Oracle.dbOptions="(;~)DateFormat=TO_DATE('[DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS]','DD-MON-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')"
This conversion is for Oracle dates with hh:mm:ss.

X.dbOptions = "NavGotoFldIndex=0"