Records Navigation

Define where to break or wrap around the navigation bar in case there are too many buttons. User defined buttons are also supported but Grid, Form and Table cannot be used as a break point.

Property Syntax

Property Syntax Description
dbNavigation none|bottom|top|both Define the position of the record navigation bar.
dbNavigationItem Item List Defines the navigation items to be made available in the navigation bar.
dbNavigationIcon Icon List Defines the graphic icons to be used in lieu of the text buttons.
dbNavigationBreak Break List separated by comma Defines  after which item to insert a break
dbNavBookMark BookMarks; Nav SQL; SuperReturn Navigate accurately between Grid/Form/Filter/Edit using a bookmark field.




none No navigation bar display.
bottom (default) Display navigation bar at bottom of grid or form.
top Display navigation bar at top of grid or form.
both Display navigation bar at both top and bottom of grid or form.
Item List Default is "Top,Prev,Next,Bottom, Row+,Row-,Reload".
Full list = grid, form, top, prev, next, bottom, gridrow, gridcol, formcol, filter, resetfilter, download, color, reload, tables, edit, add, update, delete
Note: resetfilter button display is controlled separately.
Icon List gif | Jpg, grid, form, top, prev, next, bottom, rowplus, rowminus, gridplus, gridminus, formplus, formminus, filter, resetfilter, download, color, reload, tables, edit, add, update, delete, save(x), open(x), updatebatch(x),custom01[alt],...custom08[alt]"

(x)=reserved and not used

  • save, open, updatebatch - Reserved for future use.
  • custom01[alt],...custom08[alt] - User buttons (dbCustombuttons)

The first field gif | jpg sets the default image type as either gif or jpg. default means there is not extension specified in the subsequent filenames. The rest of th efields are button image names. ASPDb will look for grid.gif, from.gif, top.gif ... etc in dbImageDir and display them in lieu of the text buttons.

Break List top| prev| next| bottom| rowplus| rowminus| gridplus| gridminus| formplus| formminus| filter| resetfilter| download| color| reload| edit| add| update| delete| UserButtonName
BookMarks Name1+Name2+Name3
Nav SQL "SELECT ... FROM .... WHERE #BookMark#" (Name1+Name2.. will be placed into #Bookamek#)
SuperReturn True/False. SuperReturn enables accurate return from edit/filter to display. You have to use fieldnames instead of index for that.