ASPdbClick | dbLastScreen

This two properties provide information for user to identify the states upon the action just taken. ASPdbClick_Unit is generated after the button is clicked and before any action is taken. Action means going to another screen. So ASPdbClick is a "before" event. dbLastScreen is generated and could be read after the screen is painted and is an "after" event.  All returned text in both properties are in lowercase. For example, when user clicked on a Grid link, the record pointer "n" is returned as "index::n".

Property Syntax

Variable = Request("ASPdbClick_Unit")
Variable = Obj.dbLastScreen





top | prev | next | bottom | rowplus | rowminus | gridcolplus | gridcolminus | formplus | formminus | filter | applyfilter | resetfilter | download | color | reload | add | update | delete | selecttable | applyadd | applyupdate | applydelete | index::n (n=Grid Index number)

Grid index number (n) is the actual record index and starts with 0.

 ** applyadd, applydelete and applyupdate does not apply to Edit Combo Mode but only to individual modes (Add, Update and Delete modes).

Obj.LastScreen grid | form | filter | copy | edit | add | update | delete 


See Case Study #16