Grid Properties

A grid is the display of the records in a matrix format as is the default view of all database enterprise managers. ASP-db provides a lot of controls the cells of a grid like - show/hide, set attributes, conditional display, masking macros etc..

Property Syntax

Property Syntax Description
dbGridCol Integer Define the initial number of Grid display column(s). This is known as the "snake" effect. Default value is 1. dbGridCol is used when there is a lot of fields in the table.
dbGridColSort True(def)|False Enable or Disable the grid's automatic column sorting via clicking the fieldname in the header. Default in enabled.
dbGridColSortHideFlds FieldNameNumber,...repeat Disable select fields(s) to be included in the Column Sort activity. Note that Memo and Binary are already automatically disabled.
dbGridDisplayFlds  FieldNameNumber,...repeat Select fields to be displayed in the grid. Display is not the same as SELECT in which the fields to be displayed MUST be selected by the dbSQL statement. Use either this property or dbGridHideFlds but not both. Default is display all the fields returned by the dbSQL statement. Use this property when Display fields are less than the hidden fields.
dbGridHideDupRecFlds FieldNameNumber,...repeat Specify the field(s) or column(s) to display a blank if the previously record (above row) value has the same content. Cell values are always displayed at the first row of the page.
dbGridHideFlds FieldNameNumber,...repeat This is the conjugate property of dbGridDisplayFlds. Use this property where the displayed fields are more than the hidden fields.
dbGridInc Integer Specify how many records to display in a page. Defaults to dbGridIncMax. If dbGridInc=-1 then all records are returned.
dbGridIncMax Integer (def=5) (EP+ Only) Set the maximum page length. This value is used by the programmer to set a safe limit for returning records when dbGridInc=-1 is used. For example, there is very little meaning of returning 5,000 records to the browser.  
dbGridIndex True(def)|False Specify whether the system generated Index column should be displayed. If this property is false then user can still use MagicCell to define a link.
dbGridIndexLink   True(def)|False Specify whether the system generated Index column should be be hyperliked tothe form. If set to false, then the index column is used as line numbers instead.
dbGridTableTag Tag String Define the <TABLE ...tags> for the Grid display. For example - BORDER=1.
dbGridTHBGtag Tag String Define the Form's Header Background Color tag.
dbHeader True(def)|False Define whether  the Grid's Header row holding the field names should be displayed.