Filter (Search)

ASP-db offers a rich set of functions to enable the finest control of the filtering operation. User can choose anywhere from a standard setup to a template style setup with options like non-case sensitive search, search operators, defaults etc.

Property Syntax

Obj.dbFilterFlds = "(;,[])FieldNameNumber[Default],…repeat"
Obj.dbFilterHideFlds = "(;,)FieldNameNumber,…repeat"
Obj.FilterOnEntry = "Filter Criteria"
Obj.dbFilterParams = "(;,)TableTag=border=1, UseRSFilter=true|false, TextBeforeTable=XXX (Form), FilterOperator=Contains|Starts|Exactly, FilterConnector=AND|OR, Help=False, Assistant=False, HelpTag=XXX, AsssistantTag=XXX, InputSize=XXX, CaseSensitive=False"



Default Value


Delimiters (;,[]) Group Field Default_Left Default_right
FieldNameNumber   As always, unless specified, Field name and number can be mixed.
Assistant True Display assistant box in filter screen
AssistantTag "BORDER=0 CELLPADDING=1 CELLSPACING=1 BGCOLOR=lightyellow" TD tags of assistant box
CaseSensitive True Set to false will UPPER the values to match in filter. Oracle users are going to love this one.
DropButton Drop.gif Graphic image of the Drop button
FilterConnector AND  Connector of filter fields. Can be override by having AND_ or OR_ at beginning of input box.
FilterOperator CONTAINS Set default String comparasion operator.
CONTAINS : LIKE '%string%'
STARTS : LIKE '%string'
EXACTLY : = 'string'
FilterValidateName None Name of user supplied Javascript function to perform validation.
HeaderFontTag None Sets the Filter screen header fonts. If blank then no font tags will be used in header <TH..>
Help True Display help box in filter screen
HelpTag "BORDER=1 CELLPADDING=1 CELLSPACING=1 BGCOLOR=lightyellow" TD tags of Help box


InputSize 25 InputSize is the size of the Filter Input box. 
TableTag None <TABLE ...tags> of Filter screen table. CELLSPACING=5 is build-in.
TextBeforeTable None <FORM>
Any Text before the <TABLE>  Tag goes here
UseRSFilter False Use ASP recordset's filtering method instead of ASPDB's SQL method. This is not recommended because RS.filter is very restrictive. Use this option if there is absolute no SQL statement can be constructed to perform filtering.
Filter Criteria (On Entry)   Note - Criteria has NO "WHERE" in it.
e.g. -> dbFilterOnEntry="price < 40000". This filter will be AND'd onto the existing SQL if there is
already a criteria or not. Filter/ResetFilter buttons are not set automatically to provide user complete control.



Set X=Server.CreateObject("AspDB.EP")