dbAggMagicCell | dbAggNameTag | dbAggSQL

dbAggMagicCell - Apply MagicCell to aggregate cells.
dbAggNameTag - Set the label cell's  TD tag of the aggregate row.
dbAggSQL - Define SQL to obtain aggregate values of RS columns.

A special field name for dbAggSQL is #skip#. This field name is used to position the aggregate value accordingly. For example, in Case Study #30 example #2, there are 8 columns. In order to position the Label next to the aggregate value, a SPAN of 7 must be generated. In this case, put 7 #Skip# fields  in the Agg SELECT statement and the 8th one will correspond to the 8th column and the label can be positioned in the SPAN of 7 using MagicCell's TDTags. When ASPdb "sees" the field name of #skip# in the SELECT statement, it'll skip and output no data in that field. When ASP-db sees a blank, it'llconvert it to an HTMLblank " ". #Skip# is for clearing the left side for aggregate label and also lining up with the dbSQL fields and is not mandatory. Together with the COLSPAN in dbAggNameTag and dbAggMagicCell, user can position the aggregate fields in the bottom line.

See dbAggColumns for a special case.

Property Syntax

Obj.dbAggMagicCell="(;,[]#) Field, Celltags, MagciCellMacro, Index, indexanchor ; ...repeat"
Obj.dbAggNameTag="TD tags"




AggMagicCell Same as  dbMagicCell parameters.
SQL A valid SQL statement resulting the aggregate values of the columns.
TDTags COLSPAN and ALIGN settings.


See Case Study #30 - Aggregate function and display formatting