ASP-db Classic Case Studies
1How can I make the download to work with IE 3.xx and present a programmable filename at the save-to-disk prompt? As for now it works with all Netscape versions and IE 4.0+.
2When I try to "add" or "update a record, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't work with various databases and edit fields. What is the reason for that?/td>
3How can prohibit the memo field download?
4I would like to change the font type and size of the memo field displayed in a grid cell.How can I do that?
5I cannot find any properties to allow me to put a border around the Filter screen like the Edit screen. Is there one??
6How does the new filtering operation work?
7I would like to set the initial sort order of the grid column sort order to DESC. That means when I "Click" to sort a "new" column, it'll start in DESC order and a subsequent click in the same column would reverse the order back to ASC?
8hat are the rules in exporting variables.
9How can I display BLOB fields embedded in MS SQL fields?
10How can I hide duplicated "cells" of a column?
11Even though the Filter and Edit DropFlds provides accurate filtering criteria, the power of free entry, wild cards and grouping is also very desirable. Is there a way to have both of them available?
12I have an image (JPG, GIF, PNG) filename stored in the database and I would like to display a thumbnail (GIF) and link to the original file (JPEG). Does ASPdb has any provisions to enable this without having to create another field to hold the name of the thumbnail file?
13How can I control which fields are downloadable with the DOWNLOAD button?
14What ADO data type is supported by ASP-db?
15How can I execute an SQL statement involving a UNION operation?
16How can I intercept the navigation buttons clicks to insert my own code?
17Does ASPdb support quoted identifiers in SQL?
18How can I perform data validation during filtering and editing?
19Calculated fields using NameMap
20I like the color strips in the grid but not in the form. How can I accomplish that ? Also, how can I make ASPDB display transparent so the background wallpaper will show up?
21Very often when I jump from one asp file to another in a drill down operation, session variables are carried over. When I increment the value of dbUnit, the problem seemed to go away. Is there any official way for the user to clear the variables between sessions ? Can I call “Reload” to accomplish this?
22Can I specify default values in the filter and edit (add) operations?
23Large SQL query
24If I have only ONE filter item to filter, the filter is never applied when I hit instead of a mouse click at the submit button. What is wrong?
25How can I perform ‘LookUp’ in Display as well as in Edit and Filter DropDowns?
26Test for blank database
27Can I customize my own buttons to execute my own commands?
28Is there a way to customize all the system text including message text, heading and button text ? Also, how can I hide the action buttons in Edit and Filter?
29What is the editing concept of ASP-db?
30Grid Aggregate functions
31When dbGridInc is set to “–1” the retrival of the entire recordset takes a long time especially this value is set by programming error. Is there a way to avoid this problem by setting something like ROWSET to limit the maximum of rows in display?
32Multiple MagicLayout Objects Template Example
33Integrating E-Mail with ASP-db2000 template and database
34Level 1 template (Form Replacement)
35Use a simple level 1 template to replace a Filter screen
36Demonstarte ORACLE Stored Procedure
37Use a simple level 1 template to replace an Edit Update screen
38Simple Add Template
39Multiple Objects Template
40Two Tables Editing (Advanced)
41Use of Col, MagicCell and varies display attributes in Grid and Form
42Drill Down Chart example
43Shopping basket example
44Export a field column as a SELECT box using MagicLayout - BLOCK
45Export a field column as a TABLE using MagicLayout - BLOCK
46How to implement text comparison selection in level 1 filter template
47How to implement Level 2 custom template
48How to implement Level 2 custom template - Selective display using [[:I]] tag
49REPLACE function in Extended MagicCell