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ASP-db Classic Overview

Before - there was ASP!

ASP-db is the counter part of Tornado in the classic ASP environment which is the first platform to offer solid Web programming. just pay attention to how many web sites have ".asp" extensions in their url and your know how successful it is. ASP-db is the first  Web Database component based on ASP. The model is point and click via a code generator (Designer) to produce a complete and acceptable Web DB application in several minutes. We shield all the  We demonstrate this in many trade shows and got quite a bit of attention and won a few awards. We shield most of the DB and Web technical from users such that can code their business rule instead of language syntax. 

Now - ASP.DotNet is humming, so where is ASP?

The answer is "Sound and Well" according to our sales and sales inquiries, the interest of ASP ASP-db is still dominant. The following is the scenario -

  • Why do I have to install the extra 21 MB of DotNet framework and take a chance in switching something new? What do I gain?
  • Yes, we know that we need to reboot the ASP servers once in a while but that does not seem to warrant a change of development framework.
  • What can I do in DotNet that I cannot do in ASP, especially with the All-In-One ASP-db component.

The very hard cold fact is that if the goal of the development is to generate revenue, it takes a lot of justification to re-code. That is the message. Also, if the goal is to play with the new stuff because it is wonderful. Then as a programmer, you days in your job will be numbered as the same programmer in India can do your job in a 7:1 ratio in their favor.

So, the conclusion is that start your brand new project with ASP-db.Net (Tornado). You can finish it quicker (at least 7 time faster) and take our words - It is more stable and you have a lot more room to grow.

We are offering a 2 for 1 discount again. Call our sales folks to place your order.

Old News - ASP-db wins again! 

For the second year in a row, ASP-db has won the prestigious Best Database Product award from the editors at An Excellence Award plaque was presented to Frank Kwong at this year's ASP Connections convention in Phoenix May 1st.

ASP-db at the DevConnections Conference


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